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Downloads: Blood Killer (With Alt Palettes)

Blood Killer (With Alt Palettes)

Uploaded by 21st February 2020
Author Author Orochi Herman + S.Y (edited by musthe1)
File Size File Size 97.70 MB
Views Views 538
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So here's S.Y's shirtless shadow dio or Blood Killer (because dio from jojo sucks blood from humans) with alt palettes fix by me. I couldn't do the anime palette for this dio because it was so hard that his pants colors are separated. I thank @Naza15 for the anime palette for Vanilla Ice and Jacket DIO. He is now playable with pals 2-6 if you use the NO AI def file I made. And this character has a unused road roller move, but what command is this move?
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23rd February 2020 at 06:01
@Pixelpuffin1988 My laziness. But usaully I think as a intro or a unused animation. This dio sprite came from the world standalone character.
New Challenger
23rd February 2020 at 00:08
Why is dio slapping his butt
21st February 2020 at 19:36
I had to remove the ending and intro also because the file got reach the limit of space, so that's why I made the file size shorter.