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Downloads: Ryu (HFTF) Updated

Ryu (HFTF) Updated

Uploaded by 21st February 2020
Author Author POTS + Mr.Giang + Warusaki3 (edited by musthe1)
File Size File Size 11.86 MB
Views Views 472
Downloads Downloads 56
Last Reupload Last Reupload 21st February 2020
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Here's my Ryu HFTF with some fixed bugs. Now ryu is not getting hurt during a shinnku hadouken move because whenever ryu gets hurt by the enemy, the hadouken is still there. I changed some sounds to make it fit better. Fixed the SF1 hadouken when blocking. Added a different cool portrait on Judge (Stand) super move.
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  • Ryu (HFTF) Updated
  • Ryu (HFTF) Updated

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