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Matilda the Armadillo

Uploaded by 18th February 2020
Author Author TheTrueAnalysis
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As expected from TTA, the 3D models and animations are pretty damn nice. Of course, she is pretty cheap as to be expected, including having an auto-functioning Metal Sonic assist.
If you don't know who Matilda is (I sure didn't when I first heard about this character), she's a character exclusive to the Sonic Archie comics (may they rest in peace).
To quote the Sonic News Network, "She is a young mobian armadillo and part of the Dark Egg Legion stationed in the Great Desert. A native of the Kingdom of Mercia, she is the younger sister of Mighty the Armadillo, from whom she was separated as an infant. She underwent Roboticization but was later returned to normal, after which she joined the Legion under Beauregard Rabbot. Matilda served her chapter in fighting the Sand-Blasters over control of the Oil Ocean Refinery, until she was reunited with her brother and accepted him as her family in an act of heroism that nearly got her killed."
If this is what you need to know to understand this character, so be it.
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  • Matilda the Armadillo
  • Matilda the Armadillo

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New Challenger
23rd March 2020 at 17:17
A very nice charcacter. Now, waiting for another ones from Archie))
19th February 2020 at 19:52
wait he a fighter and boss hmm nice
New Challenger
18th February 2020 at 15:11