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Downloads: BBCF Neo Politan v1.1 (Mugen 1.1)

BBCF Neo Politan v1.1 (Mugen 1.1)

Uploaded by 4th February 2020
Author Author Rayyyy
File Size File Size 20.89 MB
Views Views 1,554
Downloads Downloads 348
Last Reupload Last Reupload 8th February 2020
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- Added some sprite effects. (Place holder until the in-game effects got rip by someone, still don't know how to do that by myself.)
- Added Rapid Cancel.
- Added battle icon.
- Added Air Auto-turn.
- Added diagup animation.
- Added wall-bounce animation
- Updated her crush trigger's animation.
- Fixed Neo 2nd win pose.
- Adjusted and extended most of Neo's hitboxes and hurtboxes.
- Adjusted some of Neo's animation.
- Increased Neo's jump height.
- Changed 6A into Running A.
- Changed 236D into 214C.
- Splited 6C into 2 indivitual moves.
- Changed Neo's damage scaling system and rescaled the damage of some moves.
- Changed Exceed Accel's animation.
- Clone now is immune to grab.
- 63214D's startup clone now will cause the same amount of damage of the succeeded move if it hit when Neo is in "get hitted" state.
- Added A.I Patch.
- Fixed some bugs.
New moves
- 6A (A low with 22 startup frames)
- 4D. Neo sent out a clone to do a dive-kick instead of herself.
- 236 A/B. Just like 214A/B but Neo sent out a clone instead of herself (Not air-ok)
- 236C. A command grab.
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  • BBCF Neo Politan v1.1 (Mugen 1.1)
  • BBCF Neo Politan v1.1 (Mugen 1.1)

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New Challenger
13th April 2020 at 10:46
nice char
New Challenger
4th March 2020 at 10:36
very good
black blue
New Challenger
12th February 2020 at 05:38
New Challenger
10th February 2020 at 02:52
Np boss thnx for listening. Again I look forward to more projects you have. There's things I want to learn though that I haven't seen done yet: How to have chars fight a specific char in arcade on a specific round (ex. ryu vs ken round 8), how to code a search bar to find chars instead of continuously scrolling through blocks to find character 4023, and have stages that can take you to other stages when knocked a certain distance. Those functions probably impossible for mugen though.
8th February 2020 at 13:58
@tmacmoody Sorry for the inconvenient, I accidentally uploaded the wrong file of the character. I changed the file so the AI should be able to funtion like it meant to also with some minor changes
New Challenger
8th February 2020 at 06:00
I love it!
8th February 2020 at 03:40
New Challenger
4th February 2020 at 20:17
Very good char, just AI bit spammy with one of it's techniques and could use a wider moveset, but I love this char and you did a very good job. I hope you continue working and I can't wait to see more updates of Neo and new character releases boss. Keep up the good work.
4th February 2020 at 14:34
@TheComicalGuy Sorry I don't
New Challenger
4th February 2020 at 14:12
Do you take character requests?