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Downloads: MVC2 Copy Megaman X

MVC2 Copy Megaman X

Uploaded by 27th January 2020
Author Author Mouser & Duracelleur
File Size File Size 8.76 MB
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I gain nothing by editing Mugen chars or stealing projects, I just divulge the chars so that the authors get recognition and I don’t make a Mugen mafia scheme. Stay At Your Criteria.


Character Original By Duracelleur (Sprites Copy X);

Character Base By Mouser (Bad Box Megaman);


MVC2 Gameplay.
Player Information
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  • MVC2 Copy Megaman X
  • MVC2 Copy Megaman X
  • MVC2 Copy Megaman X

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13th February 2020 at 21:39
@uaguilar You don't understand what I'm saying. I never said I don't believe in respect, I said I don't believe it's ABOUT respect. Over the years we've learned that those who claim it's about respect usually have other less honorable motives. Besides I don't think it makes sense to expect a permission for something that isn't original to begin with. If you use third party resources to make a character then you shouldn't consider it your property. There is a reason why all communities that had that mind set have disappeared long ago.
Decent Fighter
3rd February 2020 at 20:13
Telling Dizzy gtfo might not be a good idea :)
Edit : Oops :(

Anyways, does anyone know why this X copy has Dutch Schaefer from the Alien vs Predator arcade game as an assist?
The Raven Effect
2nd February 2020 at 20:01
imo as long as its credited it should be fine. I mean duracellar has a whole compilation of peoples edits (Including my own) he had edited for his game and he didn't ask anyone but he did credit people.
31st January 2020 at 05:40
I've never had any problems showing respect and giving respect.. ever in the 12 years I been a part of Mugen. I'm sorry if you got treated bad by someone in the past if you did. But if you don't believe in Respect, you can gtfo out of the community.. Community is about respect, bottom line. Again, if you aren't trying to respect anyone, you can leave the community.
30th January 2020 at 22:23
Do you ask for permission when you edit an article on wikipedia?
Personally I don't believe in these "respect" tales anymore, I learned over the years that those who act jealous when they shouldn't usually have some unspeakable motives. In the case of O Ilusionista whom we supported and advertised for years, even donated to him, we found out he considers MUGEN almost like a job rather than a hobby. I do not want to judge but I can not accept either that our members get intimidated or threatened just because they want to learn and have fun which is the whole point of the site. When you wake up to the exact same childish drama after a decade, it really gets tiring.
30th January 2020 at 01:49
If someone asks nicely to not edit their character, you should respect their wish. This community is built upon respecting one another. That's why it's important to just approach the other in a message just asking nicely.
27th January 2020 at 22:58
Welcome to San Andreas, I'm CJ from Grove Street
Land of the heinous, gang bangers and cold heat
here in Gui Santos neighbors get no sleep
Beefing with anybody competing even police
New Challenger
27th January 2020 at 22:56
Any type of aggression is not healthy, especially when it comes to a hobby ... In which the purpose is fun. I believe in mutual respect, where people dialogue and reach an understanding in a rational way. In this specific case where it involves an individual's desire to learn to create at MUGEN, to one day reach a high level of production and knowledge and another individual who is a renowned creator who spent a lot of time and work on his creation ... lack of communication generated a situation of tension that was exacerbated by a third element that was not related to the situation. I am not a psychologist or anything like that, but I hope that some lesson can be learned from all this. More respect and education. I also make edits, and there are certainly millions of people who do not like my work, because it is limited, I adopted a criterion that is to ask permission from the creator, for me it is working, and avoiding unintelligence. Stay strong Nando, don't give up on your hobby, one day we will reach the high level of creators. Stay strong.
The Raven Effect
27th January 2020 at 22:47
Im gonna need full context whats up with Gui Santos?
27th January 2020 at 22:06
Gui Santos is a mentally vulnerable person who has been brainwashed by the bad actors of the MUGEN community, he just repeats what others say without understanding the meaning of it. He's not really the one to blame, the real bad persons are those who abuse mentally vulnerable persons and turn them into fanatic internet soldiers. Gui Santos was just unlucky to be among bad persons who tricked him and abused him without any remorse.
27th January 2020 at 21:53
@Dizzy it is because Gui Santos, was defaming me and Solano and the Mugen Archive himself saying that I was stealing the mugen characters, saying that he is my character, I just edit nothing more and that bothers the mugen mafia that exists. But thanks for the concern.
27th January 2020 at 20:54
Don't worry @SUPERFERNANDOXT you have our full support. Those who try to intimidate you and try to stop you from editing characters are the ones in the wrong. If they want to claim ownership, then they should make original characters from scratch. And they are the ones who run underground illegal businesses, not us.