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Uploaded by 22nd January 2020
Author Author Cyanide
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The original version, not overpowered (quite the opposite).

Simba ver 99.999%
The Lion King
ripped from: The Lion King
ripped by: me Cyanide
programming by: me Cyanide

This char has not been made to be a king of combat he can fight and win same as any other char but is more for amusement value.

D, DF, F, a || x = hyaena helper
The hyaenas attack and die themselves you have no control over them. If p2 get above them while they are running they jump. If he is in front of them while they run they bite. If they get hit they snap 4 times. If p2 gets too close while they pant they snap 4 times they dies after being hit 4 times. Then you can call in another. You may have 2 on screen at once.

D, DF, F, b || y
the monkey has a different play style to the hyaenas. He constantly faces p2. He throws 3 coconuts then thups the ground causing minor damage. if you get too close he swipes at you low or high depending on where you have come at him from. He jumps after he has gone through this routine and will cause damage if he lands on player 2. then he repeats it. 1 on screen.
whats done

Kudos to:
elecbyte the creators of mugen visit http://www.elecbyte for more information

Ses for making MCM its really useful.

This character is a product of Disney studios I have just made him fight.
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