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SEEP World

Uploaded by 21st January 2020
Author Author SEEP
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SEEP World is a platform game inspired by old 8 bit era. The two heroes of the game are Sergio and Enrico, the members of Italian SEEP Team.
The adventure is rich of cameo and guest from many commercial games, like Super Mario, Street Fighter, Wolfenstein and much more.
SEEP World is a hybrid indie game with a "fan made" game. Have an original gameplay and huge sprites edit work. This ISN'T the usual "Super Mario's clone".


Original story.

Pseudo 8 bit graphic and sound.

Original gameplay with many features: power ups, keys, run, jump, fight and more.

Over 50 cameo, guest and references of all best games of the past!

3 stages for each 4 worlds.

Great gameplay: easy to play, hard to win.

You can unlock many secrets.



  • SEEP World
  • SEEP World
  • SEEP World
  • SEEP World

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