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Downloads: Hibiki Takane CvS/POTS

Hibiki Takane CvS/POTS

Uploaded by Dec 24, 2019
Author Author Warusaki3 ; edited by RagingRowen
File Size File Size 6.20 MB
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Last Reupload Last Reupload Dec 29, 2019
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Hibiki by Warusaki3 edited by ReixSeiryu and gui0007,new edit by RagingRowen.

Second Update (Thanks to Sennou-Room):
- Shortened Musou Shinden-ryu Swan Song success.
- Fixed Palette Selector.
- Fixed a Jumping Image in SFF file.
- Added Damage Voice.
- Changed the sound of various actions.
- Changed the animation of various actions.
- Able to move to the "Touma ni te Kiru Nari" when the "Chikayori te Kiru Nari" hit.
- "Shikabane o Koete Iku Nari (Root 2)" command fixed.
- Fixed Turns Intro, Cheap KO, Air Recovery and more...

First Update:
- add004 content removed.
- Added Intro vs Jmorphman's Rolento.
- Minor constant changes.
- Default Palette changed.
- Original PotS Hit Sounds restored along with a few other sounds.
- Double Slash no longer cancellable.
- Added Slash Spark to Hasshou Suru Shinki Nari.
- Cut FX repositioned for Hasshou Suru Shinki Nari and Shi o Osorenu Kokoro Nari.
- Hasshou Suru Shinki Nari command changed.
- Musou Shinden-ryu Swan Song command changed.

To Do:
- Improved A.I.
- Hi-Res FXs.
- Proper Sword Swing Sounds.
- Improve Suigetsu o Tsuku Nari's combability.
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  • Hibiki Takane CvS/POTS
  • Hibiki Takane CvS/POTS

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