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Downloads: Armored vegeta lite (edit)

Armored vegeta lite (edit)

Uploaded by 14th December 2019
Author Author Balthazar, Cybaster & XGargoyle (z team, coldskin1
File Size File Size 99.02 MB
Views Views 569
Downloads Downloads 108
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Normal Vegeta Z2 by Balthazar, Cybaster & XGargoyle (z team)
Armor patch led by EthanTheHuman and JustNoPoint
Armor patch sprited by the lovely HDBZ community on Mugen< > and Discord!
all vegeta's tournament of power transformations and transformable speed combos by Coldskin1

transformtion stats weaken and vegeta no longer breaking out of custom state moves and less anti combo counters

ssj/ssj2 launch combo (w/ trans upgrade)
D,F, x+z D,F, x+a

ssjb DBFZ style combo (w/ trans upgrade)
D,B, a+c D,B, x+a

ssjrb coldskin1 combos
D,B x+z D,F, b+z D,B, b+z

big bang
changed to D,F,D,F (a or b or c)

ultimate sacrifice
D,F,D,F (a+b or b+c)
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  • Armored vegeta lite (edit)
  • Armored vegeta lite (edit)

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