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MVCI Venom

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13th December 2019
Author Author JJkoolaid
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The time has come guys to upload MVCI Venom. This is it the very best Venom for Mugen! This is very close to MVCI gameplay style Venom. What is even better is that he has a new voice mod that makes him really sound like Venom! Very close to the movie version. This is a 6 button character style with MVC2 template by Darkwolf-13. This really took me a lot of work to do after 3 months of trial and testing. He has MVCI signature moveset Venom Barrel, Venom Trap, Venom Bash(Level 3).Additionally he has two newer moves to make him more like MCU Venom. Tendril Barrage and Tendril Grab. He has Power Stone Special from MVCI that brings opponents for the kill. He is very fun to play with and is made for comboability and fun. I included a read me as well as a video breakdown refer to do for assistance.The file is big not due to code or sprites but sound file. It has all the tag sounds in case someone wants to add tag code. Hope you guys enjoy!! I am gonna take a break for a while. Carnage or Ghost Rider next who knows?

Note: 1/27/2020
Venom 2.0 is released! A full description of new moves and update log is included in the read me. This update has several fixes,additional moves, animations, and AI!

Venom 2.0 Updated Video

MVCI Venom Mugen Release!



Updated Patch Notes:
-Venom Barrel no longer has infinites. You can only do it two times in combo chain.Second Venom Barrel sends opponent straight to the ground like
heavy punch in air combo for example.You can still do a Venom Web hyper after second Venom Barrel if your fast enough to execute.

-Predate and crouching predate not longer has infinites as well when you keep combo chaining.There is now a combo limiter
that only allows one venom barrel and one predate per combo chain. Opponent goes straight to the ground and can't be comboed further.

-Ground Venom Fang can now special cancel into Death Bite Hyper like in MVCI. You have to be fast enough to execute this.
The special cancel only works when Venom lands on the ground from Venom Fang.

-Added Cheap KO code.

-Change Heavy Version Venom Trap to be like MVCI.
Heavy Version doesn't have hitbox anymore as it travels it will run past player 2 to allow for more follow up combos.

-Added Midnight bliss animation to She-Venom with matching palletes

-Added Venom Glide move from MVCI.

-Added new animation for 5300 dizzy state.

-Venom Web Catch Throw now makes opponent stays longer in web to allow for follow up attack.

-Animation for Air Heavy Punch has been changed.

-Venom Creep Normal has been added for mid air combos to ground combos.

-Added AI

-And more in the read me
Player Information
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Move List Move List NEW!



  • MVCI Venom
  • MVCI Venom
  • MVCI Venom
  • MVCI Venom
  • MVCI Venom
  • MVCI Venom
  • MVCI Venom

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New Challenger
28th January 2020 at 06:44
@Juu-bei7 Thank you!

28th January 2020 at 05:46
File updated.
New Challenger
28th January 2020 at 03:53
Please merge with this file if possible.I wanted to do a reupload but didn't have that option. Thank you.
New Challenger
27th December 2019 at 16:46
New Challenger
16th December 2019 at 21:20
@087-B.Thanks, buddy hopefully we can chat soon.
16th December 2019 at 07:03
Definitely need to try him out as soon as my laptop is fixed. But until then... still no MUGEN... RIP me.

But welcome back to the scene buddy. ^_^
New Challenger
14th December 2019 at 23:33
@diaablo2388 6 button
14th December 2019 at 00:31
Is this char 6 buttons or 3?
New Challenger
13th December 2019 at 23:43
@SUPERFERNANDOXT .I don't know? But I am gonna take a break for a while. Smell the roses, do stuff. Projects like these take a while for me to do. My interest on another character might happen or not.
13th December 2019 at 22:05
Cool! Great Job! Who's Next Character?
New Challenger
13th December 2019 at 19:56
@Jansen121 Thank you! Have fun testing you wont be disappointed. He has a lot intros and special intros.
New Challenger
13th December 2019 at 19:45
@Imperius Thank you. He is really fun to play as.

13th December 2019 at 19:39
Nice release, very gorgeous to try out.
13th December 2019 at 11:33
Congratulations on the release, really well made, cant wait to test it.
New Challenger
13th December 2019 at 07:49
@JJkoolaid thanks so much i will try doing that half soon =^)
New Challenger
13th December 2019 at 07:45
@shirt you can easily do it is fighter factory just erase all group 4900 sounds in sound file and that should make it smaller.
New Challenger
13th December 2019 at 07:42
@JJkoolaid oh ok that's good news if his sound file can be made smaller some day
New Challenger
13th December 2019 at 07:37
@shirt it is just his sound file. I put all the tag sounds if someone later on wants to add tag code.
New Challenger
13th December 2019 at 07:26
thank you =^) too bad about the huge filesize