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Downloads: Mr Big CVS POTS/Infinite by FDR

Mr Big CVS POTS/Infinite by FDR

Uploaded by 29th November 2019
Author Author Falcon Rapper
File Size File Size 6.27 MB
Views Views 687
Downloads Downloads 215
Last Reupload Last Reupload 30th November 2019
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- All the essential stuff
- Details and moves taken from her various video game appearances
- Palette Selector
- Gameplay, graphics, character voices, among other effects can be changed in the file "config.txt".
- New Super combo added: California Dreamin


- Electbyte (Creators of Mugen)
- VirtuallTeck (creators of Fighter Factory)
- Audacity (Sound effects)
- Racionais Mc's (Famous Brazilian group of RAP, to which I used the instrumental base of the song "Vida Loka Parte 2" as background for the FDR EASY CONFIGURATION).
- Dampir (Best KOF sprites to CVS converter, it's an honor to be able to use these sprites in this char)
- Infinite and [email protected] Akira = For great chars in which I use as a template during conversion
- Phantom of the server (best sparks and best style for ground fighting)
- Jmorphman (Best effect for custom combos using helpers)
- David Demianoff, Ikaruga, Swipergod, Jerzy, Aomura & Shinrei (Chars used as template)
- Kater15, Left4Joker, IsRageNeko & LEON (Palettes)
- Gui007, Gus Saint, Shiyo Kakuge, JadeEye & UEMonthly (For always promoting my work via Youtube)
- Left4Joker (Always bringing good ideas and suggestions in my group on facebook)
- Admins and members of mugen groups on Facebook, especially Ramon Garcia (Mugen link & Share), Tiloger and David JR Ayad (Mugen Return) and to the group gallery there.
- Akito (For hints and tips which I used to improve this char).
- Members of the CVS EXtreme group (My group for mugen on facebook)
- To all the people subscribed in my YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9g3hatollhGqE14PVJb1cA

=================<Possible Extras/Things To Do>=================

- Fix errors or bugs based on feedback


- Mr. Big character is property of SNK
- This MUGEN character is a non-profit fan work, it cannot be used for any commercial purposes
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  • Mr Big CVS POTS/Infinite by FDR
  • Mr Big CVS POTS/Infinite by FDR

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1st December 2019 at 13:45
Muito bom, parabéns.
Falcon Rapper
30th November 2019 at 07:04
De acordo, antes de lançar o char eu amplifiquei todos os efeitos de voz, onde isso prejudicou o mesmo, prometo corrigir isso em uma próxima atualização, é nóis parça... :D

29th November 2019 at 21:25
O char ficou incrível como sempre meu amigo.
Só o que eu não gostei foi o eco meio forçado quando o Mr.Big é derrotado mesmo se defendendo (SND Grupo: 14, Som: 0).