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Tizoc/Griffon CVS

Uploaded by 18th June 2019
Author Author [email protected] [email protected], edited by RagingRowen
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This update makes various adjustments and tries to make him less OP and play closer to how he was in his original games.
- Chain Combos off by default.
- New Level 3 Portrait
- Added seperate voice sample for Power Charging (From his XIV appearance as K.O.D).
- Movement statistics changed to be closer to GM's.
- Fixed AI doing Hercules Throw from any distance.
- 360 Commands changed to HCB Commands.
- Hercules Throw now HCF + K
- Gridro Super Kick now DP + K, along with afterimage adjustments.
- Griffon Beak Thrust disabled.
- Active Tupon adjusted, and it's wind effect repositioned.
- Justice Hurricane and Big Fall Griffon have less grab range but do more damage.
- Deadlaus Attack command now done with Kick buttons.
- Griffon Rumble now QCB, QCF becuase the QCF, QCB clashed with the new Justice Hurricane command.
- Lowered Ultimate Griffon Beak Crusher's chip damange.
- Griffon Star buffed.

To Do:
- Adjust Griffon Star's Damage Dampening.
- Add EX versions of Hercules Throw and Icarus Crash.
- Do any suggestions posted.
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  • Tizoc/Griffon CVS
  • Tizoc/Griffon CVS
  • Tizoc/Griffon CVS

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10th December 2019 at 02:54
Better balanced now. Thank you.
Lurker Locked Rank, unlock with green reputation
18th July 2019 at 00:04

2nd July 2019 at 22:44
Update merged.