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Uploaded by 15th June 2019
Author Author [email protected] [email protected], Proud of Ragequittin
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The Griffon mask dives back into action, to fight for the cheers of adoring children!
Griffon(or Tizoc) is a grappler that combines flash with substance, with a versatile array of command throws & mobility that isn't terrible(I don't think it's bad anyways).
Active Tupon can close distance and counter zoning, Hercules throw can set up for finishers, Icarus Crash snags aerial foes trying to strike him out of the air & Justice Hurricane is an excellent combo finisher!
Having only command throw specials impair his combo potential so you're not going to get anything beyond short-and-sweet.

Major props(and victory scream) for the folks below:

SNK for creating the KOF franchise & Fatal Fury series(Yes that includes Garou: Mark of the Wolves)

[email protected] [email protected]: the original author of the Griffon character used as the base for editing

Fixed crashing bug found in version 1.045 by removing all references to unused specials from the cmd file. Griffon should be playable now(the fact that I overlooked this Infuriates me)
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15th June 2019 at 07:38
Very fun character! Good job.