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Iron Fist

Uploaded by 27th May 2019
Author Author blade
File Size File Size 32.94 MB
Views Views 2,329
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Last Reupload Last Reupload 22nd January 2020
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Update to my Ironfist edit.
-Finally fixed hyper commands that my dumbself somehow couldn't figure out.
-ArmorGon MvC3 ending
-Probably some other change idek.

-- Updated 22nd January 2020-00:45 --

An edit I did to blade's Ironfist right as soon as it was uploaded here.
Just a lot more easier to make combos with in general.
Two new moves using QCB+_
Because of these new moves I had to change the command for the special moves, which is now taunt. As a results taunt can be canceled into the special move only.
Fixed a weird glitch with air guard.
Features Extreme Iron Fist (by mouser) win quotes, with some I added myself
Features kater15 palettes (Original link: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/down...ater15#c230802)
Forgot to mention that there's an AI (as basic and weak as it is)

Any help on improving this edit or other bugs, let me know
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22nd January 2020 at 04:48
Um cool
22nd January 2020 at 04:46
Kxng D
New Challenger
10th June 2019 at 05:56
Waiting on Jessica Jones now
New Challenger
7th June 2019 at 04:48
Thank you.
Um cool
30th May 2019 at 17:43
@Mortos Yeah sorry, I tried QC+yz/bc but he would just do the new moves

30th May 2019 at 10:32
The only bad thing is that his hypers only work with quarter circle + taunt button wich can be confusing sometimes, other than that he is actually the best Iron Fist
27th May 2019 at 16:50
no used my palettes ;(
27th May 2019 at 12:44
@Um cool Well it was a portrait fix, a combo edit, a new super jump, and velocity changes. But yeah it shouldn’t be too hard. ^_^
Um cool
27th May 2019 at 05:54
@087-B Yes, lots of those exist, actually. I completely forgot about the edit you did. Should be easy to update since it was just a portrait fix right? I honestly didn't see anything wrong with the portrait.
27th May 2019 at 04:38
If I make an edit of this, will it be edit-ception?