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Downloads: Ichigo all forms 2

Ichigo all forms 2

Uploaded by May 03, 2019
Author Author Andrew55 edit by zex(vasto lorde)
File Size File Size 42.15 MB
Views Views 6,018
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Last Reupload Last Reupload May 11, 2019
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||||||||(update)got a new update check it out |||||||| just like before I've edit it to be same as in the series...
it has intro and ending that i do it myself...(its kinda hard to do this on android -_-)

moveset: DF/DB, a/b/c
transform: D+a = bankai/bankai2 ----- vizard D+b
vasto lorde: transform in low health

now the power is more balanced I've upgrade the power from 4000 to 10000 so it'll be more fair...
I've balnced the power usage too for transform and supers move...
now u can only cancel vasto lorde form before it goes to rage mode
mugetsu is now have higher damage than normal bankai
now vasto lorde have more balanced damage(higher damage for its move now)
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  • Ichigo all forms 2
  • Ichigo all forms 2

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