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Goku HD

Uploaded by Aug 28, 2010
Author Author Xande Toskomics, Ribeiro
File Size File Size 13.59 MB
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Last modified : 2007/09/23
Hi-Res character, 1235 frames


Review by FridayM:

Basically, if you've downloaded High Res MUGEN, you're going to have this guy as one of the two starting characters, along with Kung-Fu Man. Unlike Kung-Fu Man, or kfm720 as you'll come to know him, who's novelty wears off after the announcer says "FIGHT!" the first time, Goku is a useful and colorful addition to anyone's High Res Mugen 'char' Folder.
Goku HD comes with a well mapped control scheme, utilizing all the keyboard or gamepad buttons, which is imperative for launching devastating combos, which he comes with plenty of. I personally prefer to play on a 360 Controller for Windows, and he handles much like a next gen character on a console.
He has a very well colored sprite with rich animations, rarely showing any signs of glitches or poor design. He reacts well with other characters, responding appropriately to grabs, throws and special moves that some other characters do not have animations for.
True to the DBZ franchise, Goku has all the sounds and special moves fans will know and love. He's a well planned out fighter with some of the best execution out of any HD Mugen character I've seen. If you don't have him yet, or threw him out because, like Kung-Fu Man, you thought he was garbage, go download Goku HD today!

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  • Goku HD
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