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Fighter Factory 3.0.1 Final Pinned File Fighter Factory 3.0.1 Final (VirtuallTek Systems) : Fighter Factory 3 ( by VirtuallTek Systems is the latest stable installment of the most popular, most powerful and most user friendly MUGEN development utility. VirtuallTek FF has imposed... ... [more] (20.40 MB) 7th May 2015 17157 / 6,204 16
VSelect Pinned File VSelect (Tunglashor) : A user-friendly interface to add characters to your MUGEN roster. https://www. youtube.com/watch?v=gEhXz r3QrKk https://www.youtu be.com/watch?v=zsU2LS052n A https://www.youtube.co... ... [more] (6.46 MB) 6th November 2014 13216 / 5,312 32
[nsfw] Minotaur Tutorial [nsfw] Minotaur Tutorial (Janus) : This is a Tutorial to edit characters to "victims [nsfw] compatible with the Minotaur ". Unfortunately the Tutorial is only available in Spanish but it brings the move list and the char update edit... ... [more] (49.92 MB) 14th July 2017 244 / 24 7
[nsfw] Tutorial compatible Cynthia [nsfw] Tutorial compatible Cynthia (Janus) : This is a Tutorial to edit characters to "victims [nsfw] compatible with Cynthia". Unfortu nately the Tutorial is only available in Spanish but it brings the move list and the char update. Is... ... [more] (53.81 MB) 5th July 2017 296 / 14 0
Kumasaburoh Music randomise softwar Kumasaburoh Music randomise softwar (Nicious...) : This software regularly renames mp3 files in specified directory, so virtually realize randomise game music. [How to use] 1. Make folder(s) for randomise music. (ex. "sound/random/" ) 2. Copy... ... [more] (1.19 MB) 2nd July 2017 121 / 8 0
AnimGet AnimGet (Michael Menne) : A super lite screencap program that takes multiple screencaps of a specific area you point at such as a youtube video screen or an animation of some kind and saves all images into a folder instantly... ... [more] (24.3 KB) 1st July 2017 121 / 11 0
Irfanview Irfanview (Irfan Skiljan) : A very awesome image viewer that can view .pcx files, batch process images, and has tons of customizing options for image editing and navigating. Another greate feature is this program can allow you... ... [more] (1.58 MB) 1st July 2017 98 / 11 1
MOSWorkshop v1.0.0.7 (Gaffware) MOSWorkshop v1.0.0.7 (Gaffware) (By: TeamBG.com) : An MSPaint like spriting program that can edit .pcx format and various other types. It comes with a palette editor and has batch processing functions for larger jobs. This program is very small and... ... [more] (603.0 KB) 1st July 2017 112 / 10 0
[nsfw] Manual Cynthia   (Move List) [nsfw] Manual Cynthia (Move List) (Janus) : This is a manual to use the character "Aggressor [nsfw] Cynthia" Vs compatible with the victims. Is not suitable for children under 18 years. Unfortunately the manual is only available in Spanish... ... [more] (61.34 MB) 16th June 2017 530 / 20 2
[nsfw] Tutorial for kuromaru [nsfw] Tutorial for kuromaru (AlexSam) : This is a tutorial for nsfw works, it starts again discretion, After the fall of the forum MUGEN HENTAI Latin American, inquiring in download sites I found what would be a manual burn to encode... ... [more] (301.6 KB) 22nd May 2017 1095 / 128 9
Alferd Spritesheet Unpacker Alferd Spritesheet Unpacker (ForkandBeard) : Release : 10/5/2017 Version: 19 This utility allows the user to unpack sprite sheets in a very efficient and time-preserving matter, while also keeping them usable and organized. With a simple... ... [more] (1.08 MB) 21st May 2017 170 / 24 0
De-MOLE-ition De-MOLE-ition (Kao) : small program to easily unpack "moleboxed" fullgames, tested and works with KOF Wing, KOF Zillion, KOF memory , MKvsSF, Capcom universe. probably works with most of them. Home page:... (294.8 KB) 22nd April 2017 562 / 82 6
EoH Template Edit EoH Template Edit (jumpman25) : things changed electocuted animation now has a name and hit animations now have hitboxes =Update 27 apr 2017= update does: adds wlanmaniax footsteps please find sound codes that are like this... ... [more] (23.07 MB) 17th April 2017 1110 / 86 6
[nsfw] Psychoraper_Vega TUTORIAL [nsfw] Psychoraper_Vega TUTORIAL (Adrian Diaz) : [danger] This tutorial is not suitable for children under 18 years. We recommend the discretion on the part of the members of the dl forum, please take this work proceed privately !!!!! This... ... [more] (1.42 MB) 2nd April 2017 2042 / 216 2
[nsfw] tutorial BAOMARU by Gettag [nsfw] tutorial BAOMARU by Gettag (gettag) : [danger] This tutorial is not suitable for children under 18 years. It is recommended discretion on the part of the dl forum members, please take this proseso work in private !!!!! It is a... ... [more] (28.1 KB) 2nd April 2017 1702 / 162 1
AtomEncd AtomEncd : I recently got into modding the Persona Series on PS2(I know not exactly relevant for this site but the tool itself you may still find useful here). I started with modding music which I used adxencd... ... [more] (2.21 MB) 29th March 2017 244 / 18 0
Shop :Unlocking chars Shop :Unlocking chars (hermoduro) : https://www.youtube.com/w atch?feature=player_embed ded&v=EUV9Bf5b5FY Beta V1: unlock chars selects defs order editable passwords Beta V2: After the removal of select longer be able to... ... [more] (3.40 MB) 29th March 2017 656 / 78 1
Swiss Army Knife for WinMUGEN Swiss Army Knife for WinMUGEN (Anonymous) : Swiss Army Knife for WinMUGEN ver. 1.08 by Anonymous, translated into English by Vans. Swiss Army Knife is a debugging tool for WinMUGEN and MUGEN 1.0 that provides a great variety of ways of... ... [more] (121.3 KB) 29th March 2017 386 / 44 0
Mugen commander (Tool) Mugen commander (Tool) (necro_rk) : Regards, this is an additional program to facilitate the mugen use and development, select mugen.exe and command option, you can combine commands to run mugen, languages: English / Espańol. Take a... ... [more] (364.8 KB) 28th March 2017 622 / 123 1
Demon's Souls lifebars Demon's Souls lifebars (kaz) :  (1.72 MB) 24th March 2017 398 / 64 2
CharSffDtow CharSffDtow : El programa a usar es CharSffDtow, es algo complicado de conseguir y por esta misma razón se les dejo https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=vEfcOKS326ses facil de usar y no pesa nada. (19.0 KB) 20th March 2017 275 / 20 1
Font Factory Font Factory (VirtuallTek Systems) : Tool to create fonts for Mugen, last version... (507.1 KB) 19th March 2017 800 / 202 1
SSB Mod Code For Mugen Chars SSB Mod Code For Mugen Chars (Penguin9354) : This is the code to convert chars to the super smash bros mod, I hope it will be very useful. Este es el codigo para convertir chars para el mod de super smash bros, espero que... ... [more] (6.6 KB) 4th March 2017 1106 / 126 2
Mugen_utilites_1.0.0 Mugen_utilites_1.0.0 (DragonSoft) : This utility can manage characters , stages , screen-packs and life-bars . and you can fight with your friends in tournament or quick vs mode Version Manage characters (add , delete ,... ... [more] (19.97 MB) 23rd February 2017 2130 / 713 4
SMvC EoH Character Template SMvC EoH Character Template : The utility allows you to create your own special effects for the character. (3.81 MB) 18th November 2016 692 / 139 0
Storyboard Viewer Storyboard Viewer : Viewer for arrivals (intro). (938.7 KB) 18th November 2016 1231 / 315 1
Mugen Windows Configurator v.2.0e Mugen Windows Configurator v.2.0e : Working version of the Mugen Windows Configurator v.2.0e. Lower version. In contrast to the fourth version has minor differences in editing, but fully functional version. Configure all of the files... ... [more] (212.3 KB) 18th November 2016 1594 / 409 0
Movement Coder Movement Coder : It allows you to encode a file character movements. (60.5 KB) 18th November 2016 709 / 147 2
Pal (* .ACT editor) Pal (* .ACT editor) : Small utility for quick viewing, editing and re-saving palettes .ACT format. Also, when specifying the offset can display and retrieve palette from sohaneny some mame games (actively used when... ... [more] (350.2 KB) 18th November 2016 847 / 201 1
zeemouse zeemouse (Larry's Tiny Tools) : ZeeMouse v1.7 allows you to use your wireless bluetooth game controller (Zeemote JS1, SteelSeries Free, BGP-100, iControlPad, all PowerA MOGA controllers ** NEW **) as a mouse or gamepad on your PC.... ... [more] (10.5 KB) 5th November 2016 754 / 84 0
Easychar Easychar : the same program Actarus used to make kill bill. for those of you who dont no who he is here a bio Actarus, often mistaken for his choice program Easychar, is an Italian Mugen creator that is... ... [more] (438.9 KB) 3rd November 2016 888 / 138 0
ScreenPack Selector is Winmugen ScreenPack Selector is Winmugen (Sludge) : Directions: Insert winmugen ss2.exe into the root directory of your mugen folder (In other words, in the same directory as winmugen.exe). Open winmugen ss2.exe, it will scan through all the... ... [more] (17.8 KB) 1st November 2016 694 / 98 0
WinMugenDebuger WinMugenDebuger : Utility for displaying character information (frames, fps, etc...) (499.9 KB) 1st November 2016 276 / 48 0
The Template the Stage The Template the Stage (Eternaga) : Utility designed for sorting out of the arena on different layers (248.3 KB) 1st November 2016 416 / 62 0
The Sprite Creator the Weapon The Sprite Creator the Weapon (TheVic) : Utility for creating weapons of finished parts (1.13 MB) 1st November 2016 434 / 82 1
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