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[NSFW]Jenet Bonne(dildo) [NSFW]Jenet Bonne(dildo) (jjj moko & shadaloo...) : Is the same jenet bonne but with an edition of (dildo), edited by me, I have corrected the commands for a better sequence of combos, even adding new animations simulating a male rape, on its own... ... [more] (12.63 MB) Today 128 / 31 0
[nsfw] Cynthia Vol2 [nsfw] Cynthia Vol2 (Janus) : This is the update of Cynthia New compatibility!!: *DongHw an *Psychoraper_Vega has compatibility with most rapers: Kuromaru Lite Naedoko YURI Ryona_Morrigan Min otaur ... [more] (19.40 MB) Yesterday 722 / 154 5
[nsfw] Axel Hawk [nsfw] Axel Hawk (adamskie) : Axel from FF he's an aggressor but also a yaoi victim, I didn't know under what category to upload him, so I chose one randomly (3.87 MB) 18th July 2017 513 / 144 1
[NSFW] Bara Leo 5.5 [NSFW] Bara Leo 5.5 (CLUBDOGMApa) : NOTE: I was informed that the previous version didn't appear at all. So let's hope this version works. If this one does not appear at all, I'm gonna have to have some assistance ironing this... ... [more] (11.97 MB) 17th July 2017 687 / 241 2
[nsfw] CVS Mai Raper [nsfw] CVS Mai Raper (Hh) : Mai, victim an also aggressor. down, down + kick to tackle and raep yer opponent with a strap-on updaed version of this one. now with more compatibility. release notes says it was added comp. to... ... [more] (15.45 MB) 16th July 2017 967 / 376 4
[nsfw] Mina Majikina (raper) [nsfw] Mina Majikina (raper) (PriPri Man) : Mina Makijina from Samurai Shodown V, has compatibility with most rapers and also has some moves on her own by sending the monkey thing following her around to assault her foes doggy style. down,... (6.66 MB) 15th July 2017 783 / 278 3
[nsfw] CVS Mai Raper (outdated) [nsfw] CVS Mai Raper (outdated) (Hh) : Mai, victim an also aggressor. down, down + kick to tackle and raep yer opponent with a strap-on this file has been obsoleted, get the newer version Here (15.36 MB) 14th July 2017 890 / 307 9
[nsfw] Bridget(RP) [nsfw] Bridget(RP) (O O ,NANASHI,&...) : char BRIGET aggresor from video game GUILTY GEAR!! this is the time & moment for DIZZY 7u7, ok no but!!! skills raper button > + b he is compatible in SCHLUSEL https://mugenarchive.co... ... [more] (9.52 MB) 11th July 2017 1599 / 462 15
[nsfw] Jenet Bonne(FUTA)4 [nsfw] Jenet Bonne(FUTA)4 (jjj moko & shadaloo...) : Jenet Bonne of the game KOFXI, this is the next volume 4 of the NSFW editions, now with new features of aggression, she can please both male and female characters, includes a general arrangement in... ... [more] (12.59 MB) 10th July 2017 1346 / 523 10
[nsfw] White_Len vol 4 [nsfw] White_Len vol 4 (‡H) : New LEN LOLI futa FROM of the video game MELTY BLOOD, updated, now she does rapes mode: puppy and misionary (8.49 MB) 2nd July 2017 2262 / 651 24
[nsfw] Ryu SF2 [nsfw] Ryu SF2 (Fido & Adrian) : character aggresor NSFW edit by this user compatible in sf2 chunli [video demo ] https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=-zohZAW9Bno (1.17 MB) 30th June 2017 951 / 213 2
[nsfw] Zangief SF2 [nsfw] Zangief SF2 (Fido) : Finally I tried to find the zangief that makes violations, but I must clarify that this attacker is compatible with chun li but it is a prototype edition, I do not have the slightest idea of ​​which... ... [more] (1.48 MB) 29th June 2017 1315 / 400 7
[nsfw] kuromaru_erogirl [nsfw] kuromaru_erogirl (tengu) : New kuromaru girl, with new attacks ryona, now realized absorption of belly and new animation for the bathroom door for ladies LOL !!! Check it out Recommended victim: KARIN RYONA... ... [more] (5.44 MB) 26th June 2017 2755 / 1,275 14
[nsfw] Kaettekita HentaiMan 2.0 [nsfw] Kaettekita HentaiMan 2.0 (UnKnown) : Danger is a kung fu man contains morbid images in sprites, discretion is recommended, And it's true this character is a cancer, I do not recommend it. sorry people :v (695.4 KB) 25th June 2017 1325 / 358 3
[nsfw] Demitri Maximoff-EX [nsfw] Demitri Maximoff-EX (ex-inferis,mugenhti...) : I have brought another contribution, now we have DEMITRI MAXIMOFF to team with ryona morrigan and other vampires of the saga MUGEN TQOF ------------------- -------------------------... ... [more] (5.24 MB) 22nd June 2017 2065 / 479 5
[nsfw] EVIL RYU TQOF [nsfw] EVIL RYU TQOF (vyn) : character male not victim , he is only aggresor NSFW Portraits edited for mugen THE QUEEN OF FIGHTER 1.0 enjoy (14.35 MB) 20th June 2017 1356 / 483 6
[nsfw] Cynthia Vr 0.5a [nsfw] Cynthia Vr 0.5a (Janus) : This is the update of Cynthia With some more sprites, a superpower, hentai grab attack, another helper, new finish move, and a document with move list in English (I use the Spanish language,... ... [more] (31.13 MB) 18th June 2017 2614 / 846 5
[nsfw] Bara Sagat (V1.5) [nsfw] Bara Sagat (V1.5) (CLUBDOGMApa) : I just ironed out the bugs in the animation and spruced up the dom sprites even more on this version. HOPE U LIKE IT! (21.72 MB) 17th June 2017 1464 / 727 8
[nsfw] Bara Sagat [nsfw] Bara Sagat (CLUBDOGMApa) : Brand New rper to join in the fray of Bara Rapers. I bring to you Sagat. Fully Kuromaru compatible and ready to breed fighters. ENJOY! NOTE: Might be a little buggy. (21.72 MB) 16th June 2017 512 / 147 2
[nsfw] Bara Blanka [nsfw] Bara Blanka (CLUBDOGMApa) : I bring to you the new Blanka with his original moves along with his rper moves. Fully compatible for Minotaur and Kuromaru. ENJOY! (7.25 MB) 16th June 2017 1014 / 456 2
[nsfw] Guro_RP [nsfw] Guro_RP (souken,nanashi,janus...) : same character NSFW , updated, edited from mugenryona forum!! Includes erotic assistant with ryona system: final round + ko = sexuality -Voice box in spanish by janus (thanks friend)... ... [more] (8.84 MB) 13th June 2017 1531 / 477 3
[nsfw] Poison Mvc X (updated) [nsfw] Poison Mvc X (updated) (dampir, Riccochet,...) : This version of my Poison has updated sprites and moves. -New move: Doggy position front view - basically it's doggy but with the camera facing the front of the two characters. So far, I have made a... ... [more] (35.95 MB) 12th June 2017 4146 / 1,194 23
[nsfw] Kuromaru_Wolf [nsfw] Kuromaru_Wolf (Anonygoose) : Is the last most rare version of kuromaru that has been found, brings erotic helpers mostly all species of wolf dogs and a bull (4.18 MB) 12th June 2017 3372 / 1,735 6
[nsfw] Kyouko [nsfw] Kyouko ("mother earth,...) : Have 4 new animations, two normal attacks and two hentai attacks Some enhancements of range of attack, range of displacement and supers She has a skill list folder Compatibility as a victim ... ... [more] (10.94 MB) 10th June 2017 2354 / 681 9
[nsfw] Ragna The  BloodEdge RP [nsfw] Ragna The BloodEdge RP (Daimonmau) : -Character aggressor. -from BlazBlue game. [info] This character was edited to make violations but, I'm not sure, which characters are compatible !! Movements RP 1- <, v, + BUTTOM (C) =... ... [more] (35.44 MB) 10th June 2017 1449 / 513 2
[nsfw] Othello [nsfw] Othello (L.C & edited by...) : AGGRESSIVE CHARACTER: Equipped with the dog's power to fornicate the victim :V v,> + button (c) for RP (rap*st) enjoy (10.94 MB) 9th June 2017 2139 / 871 5
[nsfw] Draculina_RP vol3 [nsfw] Draculina_RP vol3 (mmmmachi BETMARK,...) : NSFW character updated by my adding new compatibility codes to correspond in psychoraper_vega (me) I have arranged the sound box for the NSFW movements that were not re-produced in this character... ... [more] (38.48 MB) 8th June 2017 2569 / 766 9
[nsfw] Naedoko Yuri [nsfw] Naedoko Yuri ("..." Edit by...) : Basically it's the same Naedoko Yuri. With some minor details. Power bar consumption, fix, sounds in spanish. has a skill list folder Compatibility as a victim (17.44 MB) 7th June 2017 1430 / 356 4
[nsfw] Ryona_Morrigan [nsfw] Ryona_Morrigan ("Phantom.of.the.Serv...) : The edition contains minor details. Consumption of energy bars, recovery of vitality, implementation of commands as super power. Not as the previous Ryona Morrigan with any command caught his... ... [more] (17.03 MB) 6th June 2017 2436 / 931 1
[nsfw] Karin Ryona [nsfw] Karin Ryona (nanashi,Shadaloo...) : New aggresor & victim updated, karin with SYSTEM RYONA KO FINISH edited from the mugenryona forum (10.62 MB) 5th June 2017 2200 / 650 11
[nsfw] Ero Mizoguchi [nsfw] Ero Mizoguchi ("TheBlueKim" Edit...) : Contains changes ,stand pose,speed forward running, damage, compatibility, 2 Helpers, etc, skill list hentai For the new hentai attacks I have made a few people compatible with it. 1. kyouko... ... [more] (9.64 MB) 4th June 2017 1381 / 353 2
[nsfw] Gnoll Warrior [nsfw] Gnoll Warrior (Cenobite 53) : CHAR NSFW AGGRESOR MONSTER FROM mugen bara tree house [info] This is the readme to Gnoll Warrior (Dungeons & Dragons) made by Cenobite 53... My sixth Char release <|Move list|>... ... [more] (1.34 MB) 3rd June 2017 1925 / 559 3
[nsfw] venomono [nsfw] venomono ("Big Eli King" ...) : Sound Skill H list Compatibility (11.48 MB) 3rd June 2017 2414 / 680 2
[nsfw] Science for Adults 2 update [nsfw] Science for Adults 2 update (soyman) : char aggresor NSFW update 2017 (5.26 MB) 2nd June 2017 2743 / 951 5
[nsfw] Bara Ryu [nsfw] Bara Ryu (CLUBDOGMApa) : Hello everyone This char is not mine. Are 4 rapes moves. Command: Down, down and start press Up, Down Left or Right to chance the move press strong kick or c to cum ENJOY (34.37 MB) 2nd June 2017 1786 / 593 8
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