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Cornflakes Sagat Pinned File Cornflakes Sagat (Master Gouken) : "Don't underestimate cornflakes!!!" ht tps://youtu.be/ZUaJC5lmjB o (9.55 MB) 21st June 2016 5121 / 1,010 25
Possibility of Chizuru Pinned File Possibility of Chizuru (tokage) : Name ="possibility of Chizuru" DisplayName ="chizuruXXX" VersionDate =06,6,2012 MugenVersion =04,14,2002 Author ="tokage" A Chizuru crazy/joke edit It is very cheap and has... ... [more] (27.02 MB) 26th May 2015 7014 / 1,067 19
Fun-ultra-Crazy-Kuso N. Master(old) Pinned File Fun-ultra-Crazy-Kuso N. Master(old) (ryushirohou) : 2014/12/25 Name ="F-U-C-K N M" DisplayName ="Fun-ultra-Crazy-Ku so Neet Master" Author ="龙白&# 26041;" A Terry Bogard crazy/joke edit with ultra hard AI. The char is AI only. ... (31.37 MB) 26th May 2015 4552 / 653 5
Alter Amiba Pinned File Alter Amiba (MelvanaInChains,...) : alteramiba 2011/12/06 f ormerauthor ="Drowin hokuto + oki" author = "MelvanaInChains + The_None" A comic relief edition of oki's Amiba by MelvanaInChains + The_None (24.40 MB) 19th March 2015 6096 / 1,089 12
Reisen Deadpool Inaba Pinned File Reisen Deadpool Inaba (or2=3) : RDI by or2=3 2011/10/16 1055 frames Very funny character. https://www .youtube.com/watch?v=Go30 Hnba4b8 (11.88 MB) 28th July 2014 9462 / 1,917 21
Rede Globo Rede Globo (Mabskmk) : :dirol: (4.67 MB) Yesterday 182 / 22 5
Blood Idol King-KUN! (Update) Blood Idol King-KUN! (Update) (Donaldeus) : 1. Fixed hitboxes, helpers. 2. New hyper, that heals you. EDIT: 3. Fixed sound. I'm sorry for that. I keep thinking about retiring. https://youtu. be/iq3KhX_AY5U (11.17 MB) 22nd February 2020 157 / 19 2
coronavirus coronavirus (Donald Nemesis) : https://www.youtube.com/w atch?v=nit2H2XkUyA (3.40 MB) 19th February 2020 605 / 47 9
Amy Black & Kaioshin Rouge Amy Black & Kaioshin Rouge (TheTrueAnalysis) : The last of the DBS and video game mashups, now we've got Amy Rose and Rouge as Goku Black and Zamasu respsectively They don't have a huge amount of blocking like Beyond SSJ Blue Peach or constant... ... [more] (48.78 MB) 19th February 2020 237 / 13 2
Perfect Tharja Perfect Tharja (TheTrueAnalysis) : "I don't have any more characters to show off, so I guess this is my last post. It's been quite fun being a "Mugen author" over the years, I'll admit. Especially with all the different versions of... ... [more] (75.70 MB) 19th February 2020 232 / 17 2
Thrilling Tharja Thrilling Tharja (TheTrueAnalysis) : Note: Before you ask, due to problems I had with the remaining two Tharjas, I am currently not planning to upload the rest (Avatar Tharja didn't load for me, Perfect Tharja was unkillable when I used... ... [more] (51.88 MB) 19th February 2020 148 / 10 0
Tharja Yoshikage Tharja Yoshikage (TheTrueAnalysis) : "Tharja cosplaying as Kira? Must be the work of an 「ENEMY STAND」" - TheTrueAnalysis "My name is Yoshikage Tharja. I'm 1000 years old. My residence is in the northeast section of Plegia, where... ... [more] (37.96 MB) 19th February 2020 194 / 13 0
Shogun Tharja Shogun Tharja (TheTrueAnalysis) : I don't even know what this one is, aside from having an army at her side that is constantly attacking the opponent automatically https://ww w.youtube.com/watch?v=Zlq SlPBR1Ns&t=12s (52.81 MB) 19th February 2020 135 / 8 1
Shogun Tharja Shogun Tharja (TheTrueAnalysis) : I don't even know what this one is, aside from having an army at her side that is constantly attacking the opponent automatically https://ww w.youtube.com/watch?v=Zlq SlPBR1Ns&t=12s (52.81 MB) 19th February 2020 104 / 2 0
Inu Hanyo Tharja Inu Hanyo Tharja (TheTrueAnalysis) : I just like how chill this Inuyasha Tharja is. Comes with a Yokai mode on her 11th pallete. https://www.you tube.com/watch?v=GkioRr1H 6NQ&t=9s (45.82 MB) 19th February 2020 141 / 10 0
Omega Tharja Omega Tharja (TheTrueAnalysis) : "It's best waifu ❤ with the abilities of Zero + Omega. I've always wanted to expand upon this version of her, but regrettably that won't be happening now." - TheTrueAnalysis That pretty much sums... ... [more] (21.09 MB) 18th February 2020 238 / 13 1
Mythic Rare Kinyo Roadshow Mythic Rare Kinyo Roadshow (googoo64, AI...) : Is this Kinyo Roadshow was like in MUGEN before The_None's version? I am not convinced. Somebody please tell me if that's the case, because I am laughing while confused at the same time. (3.29 MB) 18th February 2020 165 / 12 3
Namihei Namihei (Nyan☆Kiryu) : A port of a character from SFXVI on the Sharp X6000. (618.5 KB) 15th February 2020 202 / 14 1
Blood Idol King-KUN! Blood Idol King-KUN! (Donaldeus) : So, this is some kind of collab that appeared in my dream long time ago. I decide to re-work him with new moves, intros, and other stuff. Enjoy. https://youtu .be/LBEHzCmb9jo (5.53 MB) 11th February 2020 194 / 30 0
Combo Queen (Revamped) Combo Queen (Revamped) (Lolikerz) : I'm back! And I'm making more Shitfuck Edits! This one took a long time to make, mainly because I forgot about it and I thought that I was done with MUGEN for a while. Changes: This is a... ... [more] (3.52 MB) 11th February 2020 239 / 19 0
Midnight rider Midnight rider (Grey_Dirac) : This char is a Christmas gift. For showcasing. (19.17 MB) 8th February 2020 277 / 19 0
Cariser Knuckle Cariser Knuckle : Another strange character that I found. It's a vehicle (?) that's comprised of Kaiser Knuckle's General, Gonzales, and two rolled up Aztecas acting as wheels which double as projectiles. It just... ... [more] (621.6 KB) 8th February 2020 229 / 12 0
Banana_Shiki Banana_Shiki (ななちゃん vs あんこ) : A unique boss joke character. It's a boat made of Nanayas with a big banana on top. The Nanayas have spinning arms holding knives that will try to slice you while the banana has a cannon that can... ... [more] (6.82 MB) 7th February 2020 281 / 27 1
Hetaranger Hetaranger (Utakata) : Weird edit of Canadianman. Several of them appear in different colors (as to mimic Super Sentai squads) and will run around making random poses. They don't attack and can't be hit. (3.32 MB) 5th February 2020 211 / 21 0
KaMadoka KaMadoka (waguna) : It's Madoka riding a cylindrical oven of sorts that attacks by spewing flames at the opponent which does lots of damage. Makes for a good cheap boss character. (19.46 MB) 4th February 2020 207 / 8 1
Bedrock Bedrock (Mapelao) : It's a big rock that will lift any opponent that goes near it, and then smash them into itself. It is defeatable, but only by characters that can resist its attack. It will also absorb most helper... (1.53 MB) 4th February 2020 271 / 18 4
Snes"Utsuho" Snes"Utsuho" (Nanachan) : I think this was supposed to be "Utsuho" but seems like some nes mario edit which is the very opposite... (232.4 KB) 3rd February 2020 194 / 11 0
Sad Assist Sad Assist (Ziddia) : Functionally very similar to Funny Assist. When placed on a team, it will make the partner behave like Sad Claps (warp at the edges of the screen, randomly say voice lines, fluctuation of life/power,... ... [more] (238.2 KB) 3rd February 2020 254 / 22 2
I-van El Trolazo (El Bananero) I-van El Trolazo (El Bananero) (Kain the Supreme,...) : https://mugenarchive.com/ forums/downloads.php?do=f ile&id=122715-i-van-e l-trolazo-el-bananero-kai n-the-supreme-facu000 [Español]________________ _________________________ _________ “I-van El... ... [more] (2.41 MB) 30th January 2020 299 / 41 2
He Lucathicc (yet again...) He Lucathicc (yet again...) (KK Hell, Moku) : fourth (or sixth) verse, same as the first. I put way, way too much effort into what was just an intentionally uncontrollable character and I swear if i upload yet another "he lucathicc" to mugen... ... [more] (13.42 MB) 29th January 2020 217 / 9 6
Doping Monster SuperZ Doping Monster SuperZ (SAMSARA) : This character works like Funny Assist, where it doesn't do anything on its own, but instead effects its allies in simul mode. It makes its ally as strong as possible by giving them invincibility,... ... [more] (20.8 KB) 28th January 2020 179 / 22 2
Final Dio (Homer Voice) Final Dio (Homer Voice) (Warusaki3 (edited...) : A big update to my Homer voice patch for final dio, now he has fixed sounds also too. He comes with m-ism patch also. I took homer voice clips from the homer character. I don't know if its a joke... ... [more] (5.78 MB) 28th January 2020 262 / 31 0
Donut Donut (howaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa) : Pretty odd but funny character. It summons sharks and barrels that do insta-kill damage on contact and then it dies almost instantly. On its 12p, it will be invincible for 10 seconds before... (209.7 KB) 27th January 2020 260 / 22 0
clown clown (or2=3, surfzofficial) : It's the clown. [---------------- -----] Joke edit by Surfzofficial. Original character by or2=3. [---------------- ------------------------- -----------------------] Yes, I made this in a... ... [more] (14.97 MB) 26th January 2020 318 / 15 2
!CD !CD (まじっく) : It consist's of two Orochi's, Kung Fu Man, and a Touhou Project character on a steamroller. It's attacks consist of ramming, launching Orochi heads, and making them rise from the ground as well. It... ... [more] (13.14 MB) 23rd January 2020 341 / 20 3
God Noah God Noah (The_None edit by...) : Silly thing I found in an uploader. It's an old cheap edit of TN's Noah. (3.81 MB) 20th January 2020 262 / 22 0
NANKO-CHAN NANKO-CHAN (gen) : Cursed Mugen character. https://www .youtube.com/watch?v=bIPr b6YtCsw (1.93 MB) 15th January 2020 551 / 33 2
MCGrandMother MCGrandMother (Doggy128) : A cheap joke editon of RajaaSion.:smile: (9.39 MB) 15th January 2020 207 / 20 0
Len Chan Len Chan (After the meal tea) : It's Len riding a slice of cake that attacks by throwing other sweets and utensils at the opponent. Interesting and old cheap boss character, took a while to find a working .dgc archive for this... ... [more] (5.56 MB) 7th January 2020 485 / 41 2
DeeEmCEE2 Donte DeeEmCEE2 Donte (MoloMowChow) : https://youtu.be/r1bPPUEE W-I Joke Edit of Dante by MoloMowChow For M.U.G.E.N v1.1 Read Youtube Video description for more details Original Download Link: http://tstorage.in fo/hyn0b9doxh2k (61.07 MB) 7th January 2020 355 / 28 4
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