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Victims (Male)

Victims (Male)
Yaoi victims 126

Short for "voraphilia" or "vorarephilia": a fetish in which one fantasizes about being eaten alive or eating another creature alive. 67

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[NSFW] SAKURA KASUGANO 5 KO FINISH [NSFW] SAKURA KASUGANO 5 KO FINISH (Phantom.of.the.Serve...) : I have a sakura with a finished KO, I am not sure who has edited it but I have uploaded an update in very beta face, hopefully this new edition will please you more and it is compatible with the... (37.14 MB) 24th July 2017 1487 / 574 3
[nsfw] Angela PI1 [nsfw] Angela PI1 (masa00341) : Angela Belti from power Instinct 1, original by masa00341, has compatibility with most aggressors out there. (8.50 MB) 21st July 2017 1004 / 227 7
[nsfw] KONEKO ver.5.72 [nsfw] KONEKO ver.5.72 (Sankiti, Rolandsburk) : Raper compatible KONEKO with Sexy KO (31.03 MB) 20th July 2017 2191 / 726 9
[nsfw] Kasumi WPr [nsfw] Kasumi WPr (Akkin+bison shadaloo) : Little updating, now includes compatible missionary animation in DELGA_RP & JENET BONNE (5.21 MB) 20th July 2017 1480 / 535 10
[NSFW] Bridget (No Penis) v1 [NSFW] Bridget (No Penis) v1 (TheBlueKim) : Compatible with Kuromaru and Minotaur (I haven't tested this with other raper characters.) IMPORTANT : This is NOT my character in any form or fashion and the "Player Information" drop down arrow... ... [more] (11.61 MB) 19th July 2017 1745 / 445 10
[nsfw] the_aya_kump [nsfw] the_aya_kump (anamochi) : An chunkier char From anamochi in the Kump list. It has Goenitz's Moves. Panties are still shown. She is compatible with rap*sts. and there's no nudity. no more. (17.21 MB) 17th July 2017 919 / 317 0
[nsfw] Kureha Kazaoka 2 [nsfw] Kureha Kazaoka 2 (FuGo+shadaloo mugen) : update file, next volumen of the small victim, now Kureha Kanzaoka is compatible with the aggressors!! -KUROMARU -NAEDOKO YURI -BAO_RP -DELGA_RP -ERO_COLT -ERO_MUKAI ... [more] (4.28 MB) 17th July 2017 871 / 176 1
[nsfw] SF3 Ibuki Raper [nsfw] SF3 Ibuki Raper (;ŠDo not change) : Ibuki from SF3, she's a victim with compatibility with most attacker, and also has her own raper moves by comanding some racoons to attack her foes to send the racoons press Down,Down + A B or C (7.00 MB) 14th July 2017 2131 / 829 11
[nsfw] Flame Holding Dragon [nsfw] Flame Holding Dragon (ninnniku) : She's only nsfw because of her base sprite, no compatibility with agressors or anything else. (2.87 MB) 13th July 2017 1333 / 294 1
[nsfw] Riz Type.N [nsfw] Riz Type.N (xia xue yu + NS) : The movements are similar to Draculina and there is no compatibility with any aggressor. :nono: (4.52 MB) 11th July 2017 1478 / 546 5
[nsfw] Midler HENTAI [nsfw] Midler HENTAI (sureiman,Editor...) :  (1.16 MB) 10th July 2017 1481 / 230 6
[nsfw] DIZZY [nsfw] DIZZY (muteki) : has compatibility with most rapers may be an earlier version of this one (12.43 MB) 10th July 2017 2291 / 1,057 2
[nsfw] Kirino [nsfw] Kirino (Yu Toharu) : Kirno by Yu Toharo compatible with some rappers (46.13 MB) 10th July 2017 3829 / 1,870 15
[nsfw] Jenet Bonne [nsfw] Jenet Bonne (fervicante) : latest update 07/09/17 (mm/dd/yy) not only is a victim but also a raper for both male anf female (6.97 MB) 10th July 2017 1460 / 1,104 5
[nsfw] Angela Belti [nsfw] Angela Belti (masa00341 (edit by...) : Someone asked for her and since I had a version of her already started (and left behind) years ago, I toke the last update and added the old edited sprites. Compatible with Kuromaru and not much... ... [more] (5.42 MB) 9th July 2017 1102 / 337 16
[nsfw] Black Canary Updated [nsfw] Black Canary Updated (unknown person) : Final a sexy version of Black Canary with extra capability (6.81 MB) 9th July 2017 919 / 329 1
[nsfw] Schlussel 1.86 [nsfw] Schlussel 1.86 (22B) : Latest "official" version of this char the most recent already uploaded was 1.84, this one is 1.86 (7.27 MB) 9th July 2017 2566 / 1,236 8
[nsfw] Yoko RX [nsfw] Yoko RX (Warusaki) : Latest version of Yoko with tons of compaibilities... tried some serach, but didn't find her in the site. if already uploaded, delete please (16.92 MB) 9th July 2017 1835 / 1,024 7
[nsfw] No panties Yuri [nsfw] No panties Yuri (ohgaki) : The same !Yuri by Ohgaki, but with extra color separation to add nude option with certain pallettes No rape compatible, just nude (4.74 MB) 9th July 2017 1129 / 396 4
[nsfw] Cham Cham ero [nsfw] Cham Cham ero (ohgaki) : The same Cham Cham by Ohgaki, but with glimpses at her p*ssy during certain moves No rape compatible, just nude (7.47 MB) 9th July 2017 758 / 264 3
[nsfw] Chinko from NINJIKAKU [nsfw] Chinko from NINJIKAKU (woman & Adrian) : CHARACTER CHINKO FROM NINJIKAKU NSFW edition, 3 sprites and new animations added compatible in NAEDOKO YURI -dogy stile - torture machin -drill ... [more] (2.98 MB) 9th July 2017 779 / 233 0
[nsfw] Mai Shiranui XXX [nsfw] Mai Shiranui XXX (bigapple) : Mai shiranui is an alternate character   Is NSFW press the [S] button to change to NUDE MAI after removing the clothes. Note: it is not compatible in other monsters note 2 : in my opinion Has... ... [more] (6.83 MB) 9th July 2017 2438 / 875 5
[nsfw] Rainbow Mika [nsfw] Rainbow Mika (Epilson's Hentai...) : Looks not compatible (1.08 MB) 8th July 2017 1512 / 227 3
[nsfw] Cammy CvS (Mix) [nsfw] Cammy CvS (Mix) (Phantom.of.the.Serve...) : Supported characters: kuromaru. Minotaur. DongHwan. Poison Mvc X. Psychoraper_Vega. bao_portal. hentai edit. Mix customize. We have integrated the following three versions. Also add animation of... ... [more] (6.49 MB) 6th July 2017 2512 / 1,157 13
[nsfw] ryoko nude+hentai [nsfw] ryoko nude+hentai (bad darkness) : Character support: kuromaru minotauro, psychoraper_vega, bao, (1.07 MB) 5th July 2017 1533 / 567 6
[nsfw] Marylyn SueX [nsfw] Marylyn SueX (Original by...) : This char is compatible with donghwan so far. She is a real piece of work, mostly due to her being a hi-res character. I am going to add more definitely, I just wanted to release what I have so... ... [more] (2.34 MB) 4th July 2017 1942 / 767 7
[nsfw] Kaori Yanase [nsfw] Kaori Yanase (XCB (Patch by...) : It's Kaori from Variable geo series. She was edited by Blue-Insect to Have Compatibility with [email protected] such as Kuromaru and etc... (1.32 MB) 1st July 2017 1982 / 678 6
[nsfw] chun-li SF2 [nsfw] chun-li SF2 (shacti & Adrian) : NSFW victim character edit by this user, she is compatible only in vega kai and Ryu SF2 [video demo] https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=-zohZAW9Bno (1.91 MB) 30th June 2017 1372 / 306 2
[nsfw] Power Girl_H1 [nsfw] Power Girl_H1 (NinjaBrl & shadaloo...) : New power girl compatible edition in kuromaru, Ero_colt And NAEDOKO YURI [Adding codes and sprites for 4 new animations] -Doggy style -drill -Torture machine -and man slime backwards (4.54 MB) 29th June 2017 3409 / 1,456 17
[nsfw] Reimi Jyahana(NUDE) [nsfw] Reimi Jyahana(NUDE) (LegatoB Blue-Insect) : REIMI NUDE of the game VARIAL GEO re-patched without bugs compatible only in kuromaru by blue insect (1.29 MB) 29th June 2017 1529 / 781 5
[nsfw] Rainbow Mika Nude Ryona [nsfw] Rainbow Mika Nude Ryona (Adrian Andres Diaz...) : An alternative edition of nude r.mika, which was recently edited, I must admit that somebody got ahead of the legitimate author for better programming and redrawing the sprites to correspond to the... (1.74 MB) 29th June 2017 2072 / 673 4
[nsfw] Reimi Jahana [nsfw] Reimi Jahana (LegatoB (Nude Patch...) : It's Reimi from Variable Geo made by LegatoB. Which Is now NSFW Edited by Blue-Insect. Making her Nude and with Compatibility with the Puppy of Kuromaru and other [email protected] (587.2 KB) 27th June 2017 1635 / 302 4
[nsfw] Supergirl X [nsfw] Supergirl X (Toni) : Added compatible sprites for PoisonX --> https://mugenarchive.com/ forums/downloads.php?do=f ile&id=58982 Made her compatible with her front view move as well as her BJ move. -sprite groups... ... [more] (4.89 MB) 26th June 2017 2630 / 942 7
[nsfw] Janne [nsfw] Janne (Doomguy20) : Hi guys nwn !, this is my newest (and Propably last) edit,a basic janne, she only has compatibility with doggystyle (2.54 MB) 25th June 2017 798 / 199 2
[nsfw] Mai Shiranui TQOF 2017 [nsfw] Mai Shiranui TQOF 2017 (Hh,Moko,shadaloo...) : Mai shiranui alternative edition that includes the hentai sprites and the original cvs groove power bars of the game CAPCOM VS SNK, edited by MOKO_MOKO, and with a new sexy portrait for the game... ... [more] (16.19 MB) 24th June 2017 6376 / 1,996 20
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