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JJBA ASB/EoH Announcer Extended JJBA ASB/EoH Announcer Extended (asdfghjklzxcvbnm) : asdfghjklzxcvbnm is the original author of this, all I did was include some more files from the Sound Resources. Includes voice clips from the ASB/EoH announcer along with some others. Enjoy. (6.15 MB) 12th January 2018 163 / 20 0
R@ACE AKIRA's Raphael voice patch [email protected] AKIRA's Raphael voice patch (Mammalman) : TMNT(2003)_voice patch for [email protected] AKIRA's Raphael (5.72 MB) 11th January 2018 48 / 0 0
R@ACE AKIRA's Leonardo voice patch [email protected] AKIRA's Leonardo voice patch (Mammalman) : TMNT(2003)_voice patch for [email protected] AKIRA's Leonardo (3.94 MB) 11th January 2018 40 / 0 0
Morrigan's MvC3 Jap Voice Patch Morrigan's MvC3 Jap Voice Patch (RageNeko) : Done by me :thumbsup: . It's for DivineWolf's Morrigan. Hope you like it. Any thing you think it's wrong for this patch, tell me please. (5.54 MB) 29th December 2017 180 / 14 0
Demoman Suika Ibuki Voice Demoman Suika Ibuki Voice (Ricepigeon, Voice...) : Both Demoman and Suka are drunk, so this was going to happen if you like it or not. For Ricepigeon's Suika: https://mugenarchive.com/ forums/downloads.php?do=f ile&id=76371-suika-ib uki-ricepigeon (10.34 MB) 26th December 2017 131 / 7 0
Joe Swanson English Patch Joe Swanson English Patch (Pizzasause) : Since Warner recently "Released" Joe swanson Heres an english patch for the said character (5.15 MB) 24th December 2017 349 / 78 4
BFDI Leafy Voice BFDI Leafy Voice (FelixMario2011) : For some leafy character... Look I don't really care ok? https://youtu.be/a 2Ax6y-IFhE (1.21 MB) 21st December 2017 209 / 8 2
Phage (w/New Voice) Phage (w/New Voice) (Daraku and Angelus...) : Phage by Daraku and Angelus Silverhead Versiondate: 06/07/08 Phage is a pretty odd character in M.U.G.E.N. His animations are okay, his sprites are average and his moveset is not bad either. But... ... [more] (12.56 MB) 13th December 2017 228 / 20 2
Infinite's voice pack-sonic forces Infinite's voice pack-sonic forces (Malisoulxd) : Some voices i ripped out from infinite's cutscene. i couldn't find a clean voicepack so i had to make my own. hope you can find use for it when you make your own infinite i know i am. (31.02 MB) 13th December 2017 280 / 19 2
Ghost Rider MVCI Voicepack Ghost Rider MVCI Voicepack (DatDrevIsAGuy) : Hell hath no fury like a flaming skeleton on a motorcycle. For use with Dark Rider's Ghost Rider. (7.83 MB) 11th December 2017 171 / 14 1
Soundpatch for Spider-Man (Seth Z) Soundpatch for Spider-Man (Seth Z) (Shadow Lord) : Marvel Ultimate Alliance soundpatch for Spider-Man (Seth Z). Link to char: http://scruffydragon.com/ catalog/spider-man-49.htm (1.27 MB) 11th December 2017 129 / 6 0
Soundpatch for John Stewart Soundpatch for John Stewart (Shadow Lord) : Injustice soundpatch for John Stewart (Zvitor). Link for char: http://www.zvitor.com.br/ projeto/john.html (1.63 MB) 11th December 2017 112 / 11 2
Soundpatch for Captain Bucky Soundpatch for Captain Bucky (Shadow Lord) : Marvel Heroes soundpatch for Captain America (Bucky Barnes). Link for char: https://mugenarchive.com/ forums/downloads.php?do=f ile&id=13482-captain- america-bucky-barnes-verz -alienmorph-magus (2.40 MB) 11th December 2017 172 / 10 0
SSB4 Soundpacks SSB4 Soundpacks (Oliver As Latias) : For these listed characters: Super Mario Bros by ShinRyoga, edited SM853 Kirby Clayzimer, edited by Endercreeper9999 SeanAlt ly's CvTW Sonic Meta Knight by Claymizer, works on DLG's edit (28.45 MB) 26th November 2017 281 / 22 0
Wilhelm Scream Wilhelm Scream (AudioMega Sound...) : https://www.youtube.com/w atch?v=A-0JiG68LXc El Grito Mas Famoso Del Cine Para Mugen XD. (116.5 KB) 16th November 2017 346 / 10 2
TFGAF Sound effects TFGAF Sound effects (Joey Faust) : General sounds used in TFGAF Special that you can use for your own TFGAF chars. (87.60 MB) 13th November 2017 221 / 6 3
TFGAF Character Announcer Sounds TFGAF Character Announcer Sounds (Joey Faust) : Originally included with the template although being uploaded separate here. This file contains annoucncer sound effects for the characters in Team Faust Games Area Fighters Special as well as... ... [more] (69.36 MB) 13th November 2017 268 / 8 0
Cuphead narrator sounds Cuphead narrator sounds (Tusimmaks) : idk why i did it (771.6 KB) 11th November 2017 758 / 113 4
DarkWolf13's Fox & Falco SSBBVoices DarkWolf13's Fox & Falco SSBBVoices (Nodog) : I made this a long time ago for anyone who didn't want to listen to the SSB4 voices. Melee versions possibly coming soon. To install these, just place them in their respective folders. If it asks... (5.39 MB) 10th November 2017 156 / 6 0
Heat UP (Character selection theme) Heat UP (Character selection theme) (lightyagamine) : I don't know how to programs character's, but I hope you guys will enjoy this theme. Please note: I don't own any of these songs, this is just a collab between Mortal Kombat II and Danganronpa Enjoy... ... [more] (29.27 MB) 10th November 2017 258 / 11 1
MVCI Zero Voice Patch MVCI Zero Voice Patch (DatDrevIsAGuy) : This voice patch uses Zero's voice clips from Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite. Only for use on aznperson569M's Zero. (11.33 MB) 26th October 2017 353 / 17 1
Hat kid voice pack Hat kid voice pack : here in just in case you are doing "a hat in time" character (903.6 KB) 19th October 2017 266 / 16 0
Cuphead Announcer Cuphead Announcer (TheSawamen) : Yes I made it Myself (NOTE:This dosen't work on Vortex Lifebars) https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=GwEDbHcnLPA (1.48 MB) 19th October 2017 2669 / 366 10
Cuphead Announcer (Vortex Infinity) Cuphead Announcer (Vortex Infinity) (Yeeguy123) : Made for these lifebars: https://mugenarchive.com/ forums/downloads.php?do=f ile&id=54369-vortex-i nfinity-lifebars-garchomp matt "Good Day For A Swell Battle!" (3.11 MB) 18th October 2017 993 / 132 5
English Warner Soundpacks 2017 English Warner Soundpacks 2017 (Derpy Sponge) : "As the title says, this pack (currently) contains 3 English soundpacks of Krusty, Bender, and Peter (incomplete). Because well, those of us who don't speak Spanish but their family can have to get... (27.05 MB) 16th October 2017 472 / 33 5
Athena XI English Voice Patch Athena XI English Voice Patch (choiyer) : Athena XI made by choiyer and she is played by a famous voice actress herself Kira Buckland (3.41 MB) 12th October 2017 301 / 21 0
Robo Luigi's Robo Soldier SNDPack Robo Luigi's Robo Soldier SNDPack (babamugen) : Yeah i know,it works for other Warner Luigi edits (and the original) i just made this because i like Robo Luigi (4.51 MB) 4th October 2017 301 / 18 2
Mario Teaches Typing S-Mario Snd Mario Teaches Typing S-Mario Snd (LuigiFan1) : A soundpack for sm853's Super Mario edit. Might work on the unedited one but I'm not sure about that. (4.70 MB) 28th September 2017 448 / 16 0
Tourettes Guy Donald Soundpack Tourettes Guy Donald Soundpack (King Korrupt) : For the unedited Donald character. It's pretty good if you ask me. https://youtu.be/xxv8 9QFHI1g (9.01 MB) 28th September 2017 219 / 5 0
Google Tradutor Annoucement Google Tradutor Annoucement (JOOJ1) : To install just put fight.snd file in mugen/data folder. This is a google tradutor woman annoucement for the game, now she says k.o, round 1, time over etc. (1.02 MB) 28th September 2017 157 / 19 0
CVS Spider-Man MVC3 Voice CVS Spider-Man MVC3 Voice (Koldskool and Seth...) : Thanks to Jweezy and POTS for the sounds. (2.27 MB) 17th September 2017 451 / 47 0
SvK Goku English SvK Goku English (Boryema) : This is Boryema's character. I only edited the sounds. This also works with EB_SSJGoku and EB_Bardock. If someone made this already let me know. (9.32 MB) 17th September 2017 596 / 27 4
Game Over Game Over (Rare) :  (197.0 KB) 15th September 2017 258 / 12 0
Game Over Game Over (Capcom) :  (178.6 KB) 14th September 2017 278 / 20 2
Silly Haruhi Soundpack Silly Haruhi Soundpack (FelizMario2011) : I don`t even own Haruhi but you might so you can use this. (24.14 MB) 12th September 2017 179 / 16 0
Silly Donald Soundpack Silly Donald Soundpack : For the OG Donald. Might work on other versions tho. (4.32 MB) 12th September 2017 128 / 11 0
Silly OTW Soundpack Silly OTW Soundpack (FelixMario2011) : Errrrrrrrrrr ok then. For the 2004 original. Not the 2012 one. (2.95 MB) 12th September 2017 120 / 4 0
Killer Instinct combo announcer Killer Instinct combo announcer (biolizard1991) :  (3.50 MB) 11th September 2017 359 / 57 3
Mangle soundpacks Mangle soundpacks (Derpy Sponge) : "Something I created when 'Merica Mangle got released, because animatronics are like robots, are they? (Also includes a small edit to Mangle's soundpack to change the Heavy pain noise to the robotic... (83.73 MB) 8th September 2017 297 / 1 0
fnaf (minigame) silly soundpack fnaf (minigame) silly soundpack ((char) 1850...) : um soundpack para quem tem medo de jogar esse minigame com jumpscares (7.03 MB) 5th September 2017 218 / 8 0
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