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Destiny Dio Playable Pinned File Destiny Dio Playable (悪咲3号氏+41氏+吉鲁氏+huate/...) : Playable version of Destiny Dio with bug fixes in the code. 《命 运迪奥 dio_destiny》 *A I update *Please read the whole description! *Only the Destiny.Dio's Special Mode(7P-10P), Final Mode(11P),... ... [more] (77.83 MB) 2nd December 2019 8116 / 2,010 40
Final Dio Brando Pinned File Final Dio Brando (Warusaki3) : Dio's main form during the latter half of the DIO's World story arc, often called his 'High' or 'Awakened' form. Dio nears his physical peak after draining Joseph Joestar's blood. His appearance now... ... [more] (3.43 MB) 30th July 2009 72160 / 29,856 240
Jotaro Kujo Pinned File Jotaro Kujo (Warusaki3) : Features: Stand bar, JoJoBa announcer, Explodes BIO: Jotaro Kujo (Stand: Star Platinum) When Joseph Joestar's grandson first appears, Jotaro is turning himself in to the police because he... ... [more] (3.22 MB) 30th July 2009 131098 / 52,050 402
Shadow Dio Pinned File Shadow Dio (Warusaki3) : Shadow Dio (Stand: None) Based on Dio when he is seen bathed in the shadows of his mansion, the version of him can be quite powerful. Shadow Dio does not have a visible face as an effect of the... ... [more] (3.00 MB) 30th July 2009 24759 / 9,648 47
Dio Brando Pinned File Dio Brando (Warusaki3) : Features: Stand bar, JoJoBa announcer, Explodes BIO: "Za Warudo" "Toki wo tomare" "Kurae!" "Roada rollera da" "WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY YYY!" "Muda muda muda muda muda muda muda..." "Soshite toki ga... ... [more] (3.47 MB) 30th July 2009 128802 / 48,989 408
Vanilla Ice (Iced) Pinned File Vanilla Ice (Iced) (Warusaki3) : Last update : 2011/09/07 vanillaice by warusaki3 Features: Stand bar, JoJoBa announcer and explodes Story: Vanil la Ice -also know as Iced in the USA- (Stand: Cream) Dio's most loyal... ... [more] (3.25 MB) 30th April 2009 18162 / 7,653 41
Okuyasu (Portrait Edit) Okuyasu (Portrait Edit) (Smartplus50 +...) : I just made this simple update on Okuyasu portraits, he also uses the Anime palette made by supersandia (6.59 MB) Yesterday 231 / 42 3
Koichi Hirose Anime Voice Koichi Hirose Anime Voice (Amarimono & Mr...) : Here's our one and only reliable guy with anime voice. The voice are ripped from Diamond Records so the quality is not so good and I'm sorry about that. Someday I will figure it out how to improve... (12.60 MB) 26th March 2020 160 / 16 5
okuyasu anime colors okuyasu anime colors (smartplus50) : so i saw that samrtplus50 edited okuyasu and i like some of the new sprites and made this,changed the intro and changed the palletes, also added the portrait (5.59 MB) 25th March 2020 258 / 60 2
jotaro kujo(season 4) jotaro kujo(season 4) (Y.Y,Aissaiyah...) : the author is Y.Y,jojo from season 4 that is (diamond is unbreakble) (6.18 MB) 25th March 2020 261 / 43 4
Risotto Nero Risotto Nero (metallica,...) : include cinematics (11.28 MB) 25th March 2020 351 / 54 1
Okuyasu (*Updated*) Okuyasu (*Updated*) (Smartplus50) : Alright I have updated okuyasu by adding a few extra stuff which are.... +new sprites +new animations +new walk cycle +new intros (new intros in intro for kosaku and kira) +new voices (new... ... [more] (6.58 MB) 24th March 2020 598 / 164 8
Kosaku Kawajiri Anime VA Completed Kosaku Kawajiri Anime VA Completed (Amarimono +...) : Now I'm already done with the Kosaku anime voices. I use also Kira quotes since they were really hard to find and match them. I thank n00bm4573r69 for the Kosaku character with the anime voice... ... [more] (30.75 MB) 23rd March 2020 293 / 23 4
Danny Danny (TheJeepsy) : Finally i complete Danny, the dog of jonathan joestar from part1 phantom blood. This is my second char (the first one was jack the ripper). Since i don't know how to use cns file properly (i warned... ... [more] (363.6 KB) 20th March 2020 493 / 42 12
Kars (Color Separation) Kars (Color Separation) (JJJ (Edited by...) : A some big color separation, the shoes, the undepants, the thing in is arms is now separated, also fixed some glitchs in the char, enjoy! (18.08 MB) 20th March 2020 340 / 41 2
Kosaku Update 2.1 Kosaku Update 2.1 (Amarimono (Edited...) : hi it's me again I just added some sounds in their movements (13.44 MB) 19th March 2020 299 / 22 3
1st DIO By 0011 PS2 Voice 1st DIO By 0011 PS2 Voice (sarami, 0011...) : I changed the voice clips number to his old voice. He still has his anime voice on the snd file. Its for people who don't like the new voice of dio or wanted this version with a PS2 voice. (22.05 MB) 19th March 2020 186 / 19 0
DIO and The Fool DIO and The Fool (Gall29, edited...) : Thanks to musthe1 for some sprites and palette ideas, Gall29 for the original character. I got bored and made an Iggy with a coloured DIO attack sprite ( here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AquuD... ... [more] (2.98 MB) 19th March 2020 368 / 30 6
tarkus tarkus (papparapa) : the big boy,the one throwing chains before scorpion did, TARKUS it's a kid midler edit i made,i hanged down x and added an intro (915.9 KB) 18th March 2020 327 / 51 7
Captain Tennille (JJBA) Captain Tennille (JJBA) (alucardiraq1,Strento...) : Hi guys jackhack here i make new character Captain Tennille from jojo part 3, the sprite made by @Strenton, i hope enjoy it with character. (3.02 MB) 18th March 2020 518 / 101 2
Alessi (jjba) Alessi (jjba) (idk, sorry) : -i dont know the creator of this but the credit goes for him. :no_clue: -this is a mod i upload for those who wants the character, if not just enjoy it anyways :grin: -i repeat all the credit... (2.92 MB) 18th March 2020 179 / 8 2
Santana (With A Little Edit) Santana (With A Little Edit) (Ryder the JoJo and...) : So I edited Santana by adding a super move portrait and death portrait. I added a win sprite with his name and to be continued sprite after he wins. To start off with the death portrait, I used 41's... ... [more] (20.56 MB) 18th March 2020 483 / 66 7
Kars Kars (JJJ) : HUGE UPDATE. Looking at Santana´s code, I realised how to put stun in the attacks, so now his basics can chain just fine, his combos are longer than before, buffed the damage of his super, I also... ... [more] (17.85 MB) 17th March 2020 412 / 69 0
Emporio (Color Separation) Emporio (Color Separation) (Sarami (Edited by...) : A big edit of Emporio, now, the hat, the pants and logos is separated and more. (6.30 MB) 17th March 2020 316 / 54 1
Santana Santana (Ryder the JoJo and...) : Hello guys! so..... today we have a totally new character, an unpopular one but still, the fourth pillarman is finally here, say hello to Santana! me and Ditchu worked hard on this boy, we also... ... [more] (19.04 MB) 17th March 2020 740 / 100 16
Fugo (Anime) Update Fugo (Anime) Update (Amarimono, Mr Giang) : I honour of Mr Giang, see ya space comboy. A Lot of bug fixed. (13.46 MB) 15th March 2020 400 / 67 0
Joseph Joestar fixed icon Joseph Joestar fixed icon (i forget lol) : here (6.13 MB) 14th March 2020 230 / 45 1
Jotaro Kujo Part 4 fixed icon Jotaro Kujo Part 4 fixed icon (I forget) : yeah uh here (3.71 MB) 14th March 2020 245 / 17 0
Gappy Little Update Gappy Little Update (alucardiraq1...) : I decided to change the portrait and the mini face I don't have much time now since I'm back to school ... sooo ... have fun (407.5 KB) 14th March 2020 607 / 111 1
JOSUKE-EX JOSUKE-EX (humiv3) : A cheap edit of Josuke than i found. (10.14 MB) 13th March 2020 501 / 58 0
Stroheim (Anime) V2 Stroheim (Anime) V2 (Heal The World) :  (28.95 MB) 13th March 2020 405 / 76 3
Jolyne+Star Platinum Jolyne+Star Platinum (mugenid, warusaki3,...) : Jolyne by Mugenid, with stat changes, new victory quotes, music, portrait and icon changes, and of course, Stone Free changing to Star Platinum (From Warusaki3). 3-Button Character, Kinda OP. ... ... [more] (35.52 MB) 12th March 2020 1370 / 120 12
Chaka (Anime) V 2 Chaka (Anime) V 2 (Nimame (Edited by...) :  (1.77 MB) 11th March 2020 417 / 77 2
bruford bruford (supersandia2) : so this is my first original sprite so do not expect the best quality,so i took SARAMI's bruford sprites found in his dio from part 1,edited some and made this char,put the colors from the anime and... (444.1 KB) 10th March 2020 649 / 244 8
High Dio (anime) High Dio (anime) (Shio,...) : Hello, Before start, excuse me but i Will speak french because I'm bad in english. Thanks for your comprension Salut tout le monde. Je vais vous présenter High Dio où j'ai modifié la palettes de... ... [more] (7.31 MB) 9th March 2020 448 / 99 4
Kakyoin + Special (download please) Kakyoin + Special (download please) (Mugenid) : now it moved to the correct category, download please (54.56 MB) 8th March 2020 651 / 82 6
jonathan anime rework jonathan anime rework (Elecbyte) : so it's my old jonathan edit but i changed some things,added his iconic pose,changed some controls and the strong hamon cutter now has the sunlight yellow overdrive punch barrage (16.39 MB) 7th March 2020 460 / 92 2
Midler 1.0 Midler 1.0 (montana) : Midler anime color by montana. I just make a little modification and now it can work in mugen 1.0, no more error in mugen. (3.56 MB) 7th March 2020 384 / 74 0
Jotaro 4 (anime) Jotaro 4 (anime) (y.y & JakeW (Edited...) : Hello! (Excuse me but i will speak french because I'm bad in english. Thanks for your comprension ) Salut tout le monde. Alors c'est mon premier post sur Mugenarchive donc évidement le post est... ... [more] (16.21 MB) 7th March 2020 734 / 124 2
Destiny Jotaro Destiny Jotaro (Warusaki3,...) : New palette, Transparent STAR PLATINUM to mirror my Fukukage DIO's THE WORLD, New animations, and other things! (18.99 MB) 5th March 2020 728 / 119 11
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