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  1. Oh! I'm afraid that pressed randomly all the colours in the different pannels until it looked like i wanted

    The image must be uploaded in an album though.
  2. Not surprised, I had myself no idea this was even possible.
    I hope you can teach me how to do it.
  3. Thanks ^^

    Toke me a while to find it because i don't know what the pannels means, and i forgot how the image was added.
  4. Your profile page is beautiful.
  5. Thanks Dizzy ^^
  6. You're right, this is definitely hate speech and I have issued an infraction.
  7. Tabris666 wrote it here, looks like a despective term to me.

  8. I have no idea. What is it exactly?
  9. Hello.

    Isn't Jew-Tube hate speech?
  10. Hello.

    There is a way to get unsuscribed from my thread? Notifications are still appearing and can't enter to do it myself
  11. Beautiful song.
  12. So is part of that group? Just realized he has a red dot.

  13. The redirect ads have been disabled for everyone except a couple of "bad groups". I'm not sure if intended of if they were just forgotten.
  14. Hello.
    Maybe you know what's going on here

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