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  1. Thank youuuuuu
  2. Sorry for being late but happy birthday.
  3. Very nice. Thanks my friend
  4. Sup, kater! Ever seen this awesome Gardevoir banner called "Moonlight Masquerade?"
  5. Unfortunately there is no way in these stages there are codings that are only compatible with 1.1 and removing these codes, these stages in 1.0 will look like a Frankstein.
  6. Can you convert the Dengeki Sega stages you uploaded today into 1.0?
  7. Arceus Halo ftw
  8. Awwwwww, Happy Easter to you and your familiars too, kater15~
  9. Yo, Um cool! Happy Easter to you and your whole family.
  10. Soooooooo, may you convert this stage to 1.0?
  11. No problem. Thank you anyway. :)
  12. Wait it was your birthday yesterday? I need a notification or something. Happy late birthday! You get all the Gardevoirs and Kirlias in the world!
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