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  1. 1500?!
    Well I guess it's to upload some palettes N such.
  2. Hilarious. Apparently he made 1500 new stages. I only uploaded 50.
  3. (I hope this isn't considered spamming buuuut.)
  4. Can I just ask what are your thoughts on this whole Cesar thing?
  5. Joke edits are too broad of a category to have another sub category. That would be too complicated since April Fools day chars are just joke chars by default.
  6. Oh okay. It would be nice to have them sorted though (Like maybe as a sub category in the joke edits area?). Rules are rules tho. You actually had me for a second too.
  7. April Fools. You can't. Mods or higher only.
  8. press the edit button on the file or when uploading, and underneath file type there is a tag bar where you can add tags.
  9. How do you add tags to files? I want to make a tag for April Fools releases.
  10. Curious? Here, take a closer look.

  11. What the hell is that avatar? I'm scared. Someone save me.
  12. Well, when you do, Make that section look good :)
  13. I will upload something to it eventually. When I find something good enough that is.
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