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  1. I must be distracted with my things that I do not realize, sorry bro !!
    ok, I will continue online, in case you notice something strange that is not me!
  2. If my avatars were really inappropriate, I would have received a scolding from both Dizzy and the other team members, another thing, I'm always talking to Dizzy and she never warned me about my avatars because I'm careful not to use images inappropriate.

    I said this because you almost received a punishment, just did not receive it because you changed your avatar in time.
  3. What happen men? You have a image of Pokémon showing the breasts and nobody bothers you, check the image and it's harmless is from the Parothe Fighter
  4. Bison, be more careful with the choices of your images to use as an avatar. Remember that you have already received a warning about this last year.
  5. I checked the file and did not see anything wrong. I don't know what happened but I'll give it approved in your file.
  6. Sorry for upload same file!! friend, my file (Panty Anarchi) was deleted without warning, I think I'll just upload the 18+ sprite template in the category of packages in sprite :)
  7. thanks ^^ kater15
  8. Don't worry, I already solved the problem with this spamer.
  9. I'm just telling you to be careful the next time you post any private content, once it's already posted it will no longer be removed. All right?
  10. I already notify DIZZY !!! With respect to [taimanin suzuki] the good I made a deal with the one of not publishing private works !!!! But still I continue with my idea of editing or make my own editions even if they are in prototype or beta work!!

  11. In the Contributors group you will request the title of Creator. Then just wait for Dizzy gives an answer.
  12. Can an admin give me the rank of [creator] for my profile; From mugenarchive?
    ? -////-
  13. Ok , no upload this file -_-
  14. Stop posting this Duke Nukem stage as it has already been posted before.
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