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  1. ohh no !!, it was a failure the only new thing that I have contributed was the actualization of a Qbee, with ****_misionary attack :/
  2. You think you're real ****ing smooth don't you bison?
  3. uhh sorry
    we are too many authors who do not obtain names in a file archive!
  4. That Aiko is Gettags. Why did you not credit him? It was bad enough you steal codes, your stealing peoples work now to?
  5. ehm!! ....... OK
  6. They gave you the creator Title because you asked for it in one thread. And If that's so stop trying to discredit my work. You constantly comment on my work and leave something negative. I was ignoring it til recently. But don't worry, I'm going to make a better female rider aggressor just for you :) Look forward to it.
  7. @SpectatorX
    make another aggressor XD, whatever, but do it [********, dominating girl, raper ****], I do not care; for my part I do not see the sense to discuss here about who programs better or who competes in this forum !!!
    The only thing that matters most in life is not having to go through the obstacle of not getting off for free MUGEN! it is more the title of creator, I win it for pure merit not for presuming anything
  8. Yea that new character you brought here, you got that "lick ***" feature from my new poison XD Make something original bro. You didn't even code that properly. Would you like me to? Because she doesn't even have a proper victim state for characters. Lots of compablity issues. See what I mean? That's jsut releasing broken characters. And no, the ko finisher that shows alot of people coming after defeat was not yours...
  9. that code is not the only one, download my new aggressor AKIRA_HONJOJI, I have a surprise, with ammations in [AIR] for rape rider mode !!

    ;**** me
    [Begin Action 2012]
    15436,10, -70,-5, -1

    ;not erease this code
    <;special **** me
    <[Begin Action 2012]
    <15436,1, -70,-5, 12
    <15436,2, -70,-5, 12
    <15436,1, -70,-5, 15
    <15436,2, -70,-5, 19
    <15436,10, -70,-5, -1

    [<] - remove this symbol
  10. You did steal their codes. I go on that site too. I know that the ko victim animations was orginalyl from there. And wasn't here til you started uploading your so called "Aggressors" and realize its the same code.....
  11. WHAT !! I THEFT Codes !! So how do future issues, stealing codes? I do not think so!! what if I think that even the authors of the forum MUGEN*****, have stolen characters from other authors to create ******, that is a plagiarism XD
  12. The Dizzy, if it is your work, was something different. I don't know why you wont focus on improving that. Instead of trying to give people a code you stole, Hypocrite.
    I don't have to make numerous aggressors to prove my work. I make edits with quality animations and art, and work on improving the code I have @bison shadaloo . And you're always trying to give me shit for it because you're hating probably. Yeah i bet you are.
  13. lol? Even if Handy did help me with Poison, I learned the coding on my own. I even made 2 other aggressors that I only showed on Tumbr, which is Maki( a female aggressor) and Kanji. You keep trying to discredit me on my work but the results prove everything. You have only been giving random characters a code that was stolen from the ***** site and try to call them aggressors. They are not, that's just added code, Ko finishers.
  14. I do not depend on a character that someone has programmed me to presume that it's their first ******** that was programmed with the help of a Japanese more [pro] than I; and edited by you XD ........
    3 ********s by shadaloo_mugen vs ******** poison by SPECTATORX = a mugen corrupted LOL, it's all and thanks for reading me ..... I will not do more edits for now
  15. every time I try to edit a character and go through the whole issue of: [commands, triggers, AIR programming, draw and color sprites in the color palette using the tool (fighter factory)] create ******** or dominant girl, it always happens to me the same, I do not have free time to play mugen, and I just share it, I have to do more victims and basic aggressors, I'm not the best, but
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