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  1. Thanks ^^
    I had lost it :(

    Sorry, don't knew where had to answer :/
  2. You've been missed indeed. https://i.imgur.com/WvJqjAx.gif
  3. I'm still waiting for you on the discord channel...
  4. Kora can we meet on the discord channel? It will be easier.
  5. This isn't getting any better?

    Do you have issues with certain pages in particular? I would like to fix your issue to the best of my ability. You are a cherished member here and we don't want to see you leave this place.
  6. Yes, it doesn't look messed up now.
  7. Is it better now?
  8. Yes.
    Everything goes very slow and looks so messed up that i barely can see what i'm doing...
  9. What's going on Kora?
    Could you please detail the issue?
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