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  1. Thanks man, good to be back.
    They sound okay. Lost Painting sounds the best though.
  2. Ayy man glad to see you're back. Missed seeing ya around. Check these out:


    I get you dislike Nintendo but what are your opinions on these remixes?
  3. Ayy! Glad you're back
  4. Alice did it better
  5. Thanks dude.
  6. Ok.
  7. Home series because it's a full character
  8. I just need your view on something. I'm going to upload a colour separation patch, but it's the entire character. Basically, it's an edited character, but all the edit does is add colour separation. Where should I put it? In graphic patches or in it's home series category?
  9. I.. don't know?
    There is a KOFE, that's kinda it's own thing but it's not really a style, rather a full game
  10. If KOFM is so popular, why isn't there a KOFN? Hmmmmmmmmmm. Also what happened to all the sequels after KOFA? Like where's KOFL or KOFB?
  11. And then someone (we know who it is) will turn it into a heentai **** character.
  12. Someone (Most likely a Japanese author) will now that it's an official thing. Just give it a couple of months.
  13. I'm surprised nobody has done a full fledged character with that Sprite. But yeah I remember that. Good game, I play SVC Chaos regularly
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