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  1. Ok. I'll upload them soon.
  2. I do. It's just you were banned for a short while before I could answer.
  3. Wait so DO you want the palette sets for Suwako and Odie or is it now a no?
  4. Nice to see you again.

    Also, I don't really care for two palette packs. I'm currently doing palettes myself, so I'll probably do Thanos myself. (I was going to comment sooner or later.)
  5. OH CRAP I FORGOT. I finished the Odie and Suwako sets but never really started the Thanos ones. You see I made one palette, but I overwrote it by accident. Would you be fine with just two sets?
  6. Hey. Not to be mean but did you ever upload those palettes for my birthday? Just wondering.
  7. Update: Turns out the regular Thanos by The_None DOES have colour separation, but there's a patch that gives him further colour separation. Still, just thought I'd update you on that.
    EDIT: Okay so turns out the patch only makes it so his other hand doesn't have the gauntlet. Neat.
  8. Alrighty then. I mean I could have made better palettes for the colour separated version but whatever. Your request.
  9. Regular.
  10. The regular version or the coloured separated version by davidmaximus? https://mugenarchive.com/forums/down...-original-froz
  11. I guess Thanos by The_None.
  12. I was able to make some palettes for Suwako and Odie but Cammy is too limited. So any other characters you would like me to make palettes for?
  13. Odie (Zobbes)
    Suwako Moriya (Veanko)
    MvC2 Cammy (mouser, REDHOT)
  14. Okay then. List three characters (with author names) and I'll make six palettes for each.
  15. Colors would be nice.

    (I thought you spelled it wrong but forgot you were from the UK for a second)
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