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  1. Well who brought me the group before?
  2. Sorry but the Creators group has some administrative privileges which we can't grant to unpredictable members.
  3. Hey Dizzy, may I have my Contributor back? I er... I actually need that to make updates.
  4. If you're looking for a popular character idea, then go for cuphead.
  5. hes trying to sort things around and fix things (Which I think is trying to remove bad files and shit posting)
  6. you should annouce to everyone that you need active moderators. moderating viruses and duplicate files and shitposts by yourself most of the time isn't acceptable.
  7. Trying to fix and sort things around but there's so much to do, as usual.
    I wish I could duplicate myself.
  8. Oh hi, dizzy. Hows things going?
  9. What's up!?
  10. Hi Dizzy.
  11. A couple alternatives for Short.ly. They give you the same amount of revenue and are highly reliable and trusted.
    https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/ (Amazon ads)

    https://chitika.com/publishers/apply...=servandosilva (pays via paypal and allows you to personalize your ads)
  12. Hey is justice one?

    Also I did try with a liveweaver version of this site but I didn't know how to make the search go directly to MUGENArchive's servers.
  13. If I knew how, I would do this right now, but I'm not a coder and I'm not even sure if this can be done without an access to the source code.
  14. Do you think it'd be better to replace the search files button with an actual search bar?
  15. Please use the suggestion forum instead. But I don't think this would be useful, people who do this either don't speak English or rush to anything that looks like a search bar and don't bother reading.
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