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  1. Thank you for intervening in time, you saved me from an imminent hysterical crisis! :)
  2. Feliz Páscoa para você e seus entes queridos também!
  3. Buona Pasqua Manuz. :)
  4. Obrigado.
    Thank you. :)
  5. Feliz Aniversário!
    Buon Compleanno!
    Happy Birthday!
  6. Now I have to go, I hope, on my return, to see some common sense and justice
    Thanks for your attention
  7. I don't know!
  8. Support Staff status??? What happened???
  9. It just gave me the impression that you were upset that I had not answered you there before, but that I wasn't online at the time. Sorry.
  10. Calm down? Sorry but i'm very calm. I've only do a question!
  11. Hey, calm down, I don't go online all the time.
  12. Why don't you answer me?
  13. I remember my cousin had this game, just watching him playing made me tense.
  14. Thanks! Cogratulations to you for your promotion!
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