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  1. Thanks again. I downloaded a 1.1 build mostly for Selvaria Bles, turns out her AI isn't very good.
  2. There's no "better" MUGEN version really. It all depends on what and how you want to play.

    Winmugen has the largest creation base because it was around for a decade. I've heard it's still the most used build in Japan. But it can't run newer creations developed for 1.0 or higher.

    MUGEN 1.0 can run most winmugen stuff, not always flawlessly though. This build is is the most stable and is the preferred version for competition. It can't run creations developed for MUGEN 1.1

    MUGEN 1.1 can run most win & 1.0 stuff, not always flawlessly though. It has very modern features and can run very high end stuff, it is the preferred version for pure fun and eye candy stuff, if your computer is fast enough.

    Hope it helped.
  3. haha, this is my special power
    no prob, always glad to help peeps
  4. Wow thanks about the scarlet dragon. You managed to find it with such limited information!
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