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  1. Hi, I have recently downloaded a brand new linne edit named night tea-AC/Ming Night -AC- Made by AMICE, I Have downloaded this file but only problem is that there's a lot of megabytes on it (183 MB), Can you help me to upload it please?


    https://pan.baidu.com/s/1PYxSA7E9GuREd2eh0P6T7g (pass: q30b)
  2. Nevermind, Diz-chan.
  3. Hey Jansen, you're doing a great work as I expected. Cheers!
  4. Hello Dizzy, How are you?
  5. Jansen I would like to have a discussion with you on discord, could you join me there?
  6. Jansen, if you really want to add these static stages, please pack them all and send me a link. I will batch import them with a few clicks, and transfer them to your account. Then you can sort them out as much as you want and they won't invade the latest files list.

    I think nobody here wants to endure these floods over and over again.
  7. Good luck with your Yuka project !
  8. Jansen, maybe you could use a "please" when you message kater.
    kater does mind good manners. Or alternatively, please ask another admin.
  9. Jansen, if you keep receiving down votes in every post you make despite not saying anything bad, please message me.
  10. Hi dizzy i came to Upload an character,Haruhi Suzumiya,Created by YU-TOHARU. It's over 100 megabytes.
  11. Remove this upload
    It's not reimu it's sakuya. Nobody cares to remove.
  12. Hello,glad you replied to the post.
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