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  1. Thank you for the video of RE3 Nemesis, I always prefer the original.
    Long time I don't have seen Silverhawks.
  2. There are problems on the site, the pm are not working properly, so I have messages here
    I asked, the program used is Nero Burning
  3. Arigatou^^
  4. Hoy!!
  5. No worries for the delay and thank you for all. I go ry right now the game. One I don't have. Good.
  6. A small gift for you, I wish you a happy new year
  7. I'm sorry for the delay, I also tried using apps, but I was unable to find the name of the song, nor of the author
    Here you can download the mp3 file
  8. The site we were talking about is online again! :)
  9. Writing OAV or OVA, I find these two
  10. I searched again, I'm talking about SoR4 ... I'm not 100% sure, but it could be this
  11. I'm sorry but for the SoR4 link I can't do anything, not in this moment at least. This may be of use to you
  12. Me so much years I have seen this picture and ok on this SP. Thank you.
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