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  1. I've just noticed sweetfx had a built-in cartoon shader, and while it can be used to get something close to cel shading, the result can be pretty bad with low res content. :(
  2. besides i dont like to encrypt stuff
  3. Is not sweetfx is the native shader of mugen 1.1
    those are the ones that makes the shading,i dont remember which files where but check those on an unmodified 1.1 version and replace the files with the ones i mentioned
  4. The sweetfx configuration isn't available unfortunately, possibly moleboxed into the executable.
  5. no problem at all
  6. Nice screenshots. Would you mind if I post the configuration files alone (after some testing on my side). I'm sure a lot of people would like having configuration files for cel shading.
  7. I dont have a copy but not to worry i have a dragon ball z game with the cell shading on my site https://gamersnatales.wordpress.com/...n-ball-z-beta/
    the file was the "indexed or similar in any case you can check it out and see of is usefull for you or not (have tons of pics)
  8. Hi, do you have a copy of the configuration files for cel shading fx? That would definitely be worth sharing.
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