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  1. Hi, can we have a talk on the staff chat room?
  2. Waiting for you on the staff chat room.
  3. I'm back Dizzy, what is your request my dear?
  4. I might leave by then, but if I'm still there please drop me a PM on discord.
  5. Dizzy sorry but can that wait a ,moment i'm meeting my girl outside and im walking with my dog towards here at the supermarket, i have my coat on, really sorry i'm back shortly ok? Bey Anthimus
  6. Hello, I need to talk to you, can you join the discord server please?
  7. Good day Dizzy,

    Thank you for all the information, i'm reading the upload rules rite now.
    I can understand that a server might have problems with all the issue's that,
    comes with packs.
    And somehow its also better to not have bulk data on the server for many reasons,
    like the examples you have given. Cheers and hopefully no more foolish action from me hehe.

    Bey bey ;)
  8. Please check the upload rules : http://mugenarchive.com/forums/announcement.php?a=4

    There are many issues with these packs, server load issues, duplicate issues, and documentation issues as L4J stated.
    We would have the same file repacked in dozens of packs, a waste of server resources and really bad documentation.
    The site is meant to preserve and provide proper documentation. This is not a place for bulk downloads, there are plenty of torrent sites for that.
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