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  1. I have temporarily unpublished the homepage article about the mugenarchive SP. When published users get a database error message if they try to access the full article. I'm not sure how to fix it for now.
  2. No prob. Leave it to me ;D
  3. Added the capcom and snk subs you requested. Moved some screenpacks down there, I've probably missed a lot though.
  4. Hi Left, can we have a talk in the staff chat room?
  5. I suppose so.
  6. You are going to make a backup, right? In case anything goes wrong...
  7. That won't be necessary, there will be a batch regeneration of every thumbnail in the database anyway.
  8. About the graphical samples, we should at least mark the ones that need fixing, right? So we fix them before anything else.
  9. From now on we accept any graphical sample because we should have a thumbnailer upgrade sometimes soon. We will simply regenerate the thumbnails then.
  10. That's how Google works. They release tons of software, see what works, take down the ones that do not, and them revamp the good ones for the market. ;D
  11. IMO we should enable everything, see what works and then disable what does not ><
  12. A lot of social features were enabled lately, do you think we should enable blogs as well or would it be too much?
  13. Done for today, this is progressing steadily thanks to you.
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