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  1. Hey, Dizzy. I am extremely confused about the Wiki. 99% of them seem to be copied from other wikis. Is it combining other wikis into one like how the concept of MUGEN is? I guess I'm fine with it, but I do have a suggestion to make. If a character exists for them, we should be able to link those characters. That way, it'll be more original.
  2. Hey, what happened to tags? I think it can be VERY useful and we don't need categories such as "CvS arrange" when we can just put that in our tags. Just something that could improve MA.
  3. ooh hi dizzy
  4. Well like I said before, the banner can be resized with HTML code. Or of course I can resize myself.
  5. Sure.
  6. Yo Duz... actually pretty serious about pitching in that banner. Wanna see it?
  7. Oh, cool. Thanks for telling me.
  8. Did you know that creators (and creators only) had access to blog posting?
  9. Dissidia's creations are hosted here so it would be unfair to not grant promotion, don't you think?
  10. Hey, Dizzy. I am trying my best to contribute to tue site. Even when I dont have access to my MUGEN. I hope you understand that. As someone why appreciates your effort, I dislike what you are doing to me. From blocking me over being unable to donate to now putting a negative status on me page for no reason. I'd like it if you stop making me look like a bad guy . Please dont be like the admins in FFA.
  11. Hey Dizzy. I am sure you probably know that I am starting my own little MUGEN forum (And this time, it's a forum that isn't gonna ban your webside over a monetization program) and I have a question reguarding making money for your severs... Can it be possible for links to go to the Archive's adfly and then to the necessary link (Such as clicking on google will take you to MA's Adfly page then to Google.com)
  12. Dizzy, what the heck is going on? Everyone at MFFA and MFG are accusing you guys for moderation abuse and some guy is spamming viruses and nobody is doing anything about it.
  13. I know I am not a "creator" but can I have accessability to edits? This is the only site I use to host my characters and it would be nice to make silent/announced updates.
  14. https://imgur.com/D26wUqD What's with the guy in my icon?
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