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  1. I donated!
    I didn't know my name would be orange though. I just want it to be the old shiny blue again.
  2. What happened?
  3. Dizzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
    I was wondering if my name can be changed back to blue maybe?
  4. I can't really edit rar files. Can you show me some way? .-.
  5. That archive appears to have a lot of obsolete files, you could just clean up the package. Thank you.
  6. Hello my friend !
  7. Hello, Dizzy! Hope you're having a great day!
  8. Hello again, Dizzy! (My issue was fixed a day after but thank you)

    I'm trying to keep with the Mario theme for the gold star but I'm not really finding much. However there's a crown in Donkey Kong 64 called battle arena crowns that I thought could be a fit.
  9. I literally just did an image search or something to find out where the silver Star comes from and found it on the same site.

    Also I still can't go to the forums section. I can access threads but not the main hub with status updates, etc. Super weird.

    Peace and love~
  10. Hi!
    The forum seems to work fine, maybe a temporary downtime?
    And by the way thank you very much for the gold star icon, I see you figured out we needed one.
    Where does it come from if I may ask?
  11. Is the Forum down or like did it go and get a glass of milk to talk with other people and not me?
  12. Hey my homie, Dizzy!
    I'd like to submit a new icon for the goldstar reputation :p
    It'll be this but obviously smaller: https://i.ibb.co/Qn7F4Tg/reputation-goldstar.gif
    Do you like it? Or should it be more flashy?
  13. Omg Dizzy, sorry I'm being so indecisive about my avatar /.\
    Keep the one I have right now and ignore my recent request in my pm. I'm absolutely sure this time! I promise!
    Thank you Dizzyyyy
  14. Hey Dizzy! I changed my avatar to celebrate Easter and now I changed it back but since I can only upload images with 320kb (the one you uploaded for me was 500+) I'm stuck with this. Can you revert it back, please? Thank you!
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