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  1. Eventually yes, but at best that's a long term goal so maybe next year :P
  2. Are you gonna make a character some time soon?
    I'm just curious
  3. Neither of those are it :c
    I found it though https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odat6_Dl0R4
    Now it just looks like she's begging :p
  4. Do you remember that one Hatsune Miku song where she sings about how much she loves her mother all happy and cute? It's been overtaken by all these edgy opposites and I can't seem to find it anywhere anymore.
  5. Oh lol. The least we give is a warning, the most a permanent ban. Really depends on the severity or intent of the messages. It's hard to say.
  6. It's just a question out of curiosity. No one that I know of has done that on here recently
  7. Uncommon, but we don't tolerate that kind of activity here. Care to give a link?
  8. Hey Juu-bei! How often do you see unacceptable spamming? (like someone randomly dropping the n bomb and that's it)
    How exactly do you deal with it all? It gets so tiring
  9. Not a reskin, a clone. She would've had melee attacks, and different Puyo physics. Don't really know how I can make her completely different considering sprites
  10. Damn I hope you can get it continued. It's not going to be a just a reskin of Aruru or Amity, right? But I'm sure a lot of us would be happy to see something new enter the realm of Mugen, for the first time. Hopefully we get a Sig too, if someone can gather the sprites.
  11. I was going to make Raffine during April of last year. She would've been my first character but the sprites kept getting all messed up and turning black and I just gave up. I definitely could probably make her now, and I've been thinking about it. Though it'll be a clone of M3's Puyo characters.
  12. https://www30.atwiki.jp/niconicomugen/pages/3429.html

    Everything Sega-related I could find on this page is already here. Sorry to disappoint, it's not really my field of specialty ._.
    Wish we had more Puyo Puyo characters Mugen-ized.
  13. Got any super obscure Sega based content not uploaded yet? :p
  14. Happy Easter, Juu-bei7~
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