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  1. ya it help
  2. bro im just use text editor and figured out any code myself...if i cant figure it out i just google it for more information....thats all..sometime use ff3 for knowing sprite index or something like that...is that help?
  3. what do you mean
    can you give me more information
  4. im just use text editor n what?
  5. I got a question
    what do you use to edit mugen characters and
  6. ok bro...��
  7. its done
  8. done reupload bro download and fix the vid
  9. oh sorry I missed that
    I will fix it now
  10. man...why u dont say about kurama bug....im gonna fix it now...if u could u can reupload the vid to
    sorry bro...
  11. ya its done
    sorry for the wait my pc had a slow update yesterday
  12. thanx bro for try make a video for it
    if it done tell me...
    help alot(・∀・)
  13. its cool
    thanks for trying
  14. for mee?nope i cant edit sprite im using android....i just can do coding now...sorry bro(^~^)
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