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  1. Is that so? I forgot about that part
  2. My friend, as I recall, the add tags function is not available for regular users, I only had access to this function when I became Mod.
  3. What? This is a surprise! Thanks Kater :)
  4. Congratulations, my friend for your promotion.
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATER!! Hope you'll have a good time my friend!!!
  6. Okay, leave it to me. ;)
  7. Hey kater. Do you mind uploading the WN-Goku I posted yesterday here? I worry due to MEGA's strict TOS policy it might get deleted sooner or later https://mugenarchive.com/forums/show...u-By-Wolf-Stak
  8. Same to you Kater! Congrats new Admin :D
  9. You deserve this promotion my friend. Congratulations.
  10. Also since the char is made by STG, It can also be an edit of the original character its based on. Its your call where it actually goes. Im not really sure at all :o
  11. I'm not really sure. The sprite looks like it came out of a "Castlevania-like" game. I'd put it in the VG section IMO since im not sure of the source :/
  12. My friend, do you have any idea where this char is? I don't know.
  13. Happy birthday my friend!
  14. or nevermind. i managed to delete it myself.
  15. Hey Kater, Since Imperius is not here, are you able delete my thread I made today in the development section or do I have to go through the admins since I won't be needing that post anymore.
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