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  1. Whoa! I didn't even notice you were here! Long time no see :D
  2. And done
  3. Didn't see we had two. Well I can merge this one too and keep the newer one, it's fine ;D
  4. About Oga Tatsumi, You should've merged it with this one since this was the previous update prior https://mugenarchive.com/forums/down...=file&id=55014
  5. Reika by Fervicante
  6. Reika? Who's the author? Because I can't recall posting the character here.
  7. About that cs patch from Martial Masters, I think I may have deleted Reika without noticing.
    The files were the same. But there was a zipped patched inside it, wasn't it? -_-
    Can you reaupload it, but patched? Not every user might now how to patch correctly
  8. Yo. Just remember to check if the name in the .def is corresponding to the upload name.
    If it's not, then make it right. You can view this by clickin in the "Player Information", above Advanced Metadata
  9. I can answer that question of yours.
    No, if it's only a txt it's still a duplicate and should be unapproved. What matters is the char files.
  10. Just a note, I hope Leon72 sees this here XD
    I'm using anomipolis together cuz the guy has an account here with that name. That's why.
  11. Thats fine by me. I couldn't have done it with your support. I'm just glad I can do some good here XD Hopefully I can do the same with other files and expand the archive even more
  12. Hi!
    You'll see I created the Nijikaku section, but it's still incomplete. There's too much to move XD
    I'll be moving a bit every day ok? XD Once the section is done you'll get a big thank you on the news \o
    Once again, thanx for making this happen.
  13. Haha if you say so! I'm flattered man. Thanks anyway for giving me the opportunity
  14. Nah, you'll be the one I'll be thanking tomorrow.
    Don't take the credit off from you ;D you're the only reason why this is happening.
  15. Alright then. thanks for letting me make this and thank you for your hard work :)
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