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  1. Yo D.Dark's new design is sick. I'd like to try him as well but this will probably be the only beta til release but I could be wrong though.
  2. Oh yeah, the online was busted. But then again, beta right? :P i've played the freak out of Allen, missed my fyah ball and wising dwagon XD just waiting for D. Dark now.
  3. You know it man! played the beta. Mained Skullo. Online was laggy asf even when I used ethernet. Hopefully they'll fix that on release.
  4. Yo bro, since you're a Skullo fan, did you try the Fighting EX Layer beta?
  5. Cheers brother, i had to take care of my health. Anxiety is a *****. feels good to be back :)
  6. Hey!! I see your back man! Missed ya buddy :D
  7. Happy birthday, brother!
  8. Every time i see your profile pic, the first thing that comes to mind is SKULL CRUSHER XD
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