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  1. Hey bro, how are you feeling? I know a thing or two about breaking a limb XD Hope all is well, my man
  2. I just can't get over how it looks.
  3. Oh no, your Avatar is now Retarded Blanka XD
  4. Cheers my friend!
  5. Hey bro! Happy Birthday! Make sure to have a good one man
  6. Yeah it's unfortunate that it doesn't come with online. I think the HD port of SC2 fixes that issue. But i'm glad you like it. I remember maining Nightmare/Mitsurugi/Ivy. I believe Bamco said that SC6 will be as fast paced as SC1/SC2 from what i've heard. Gets me excited hearing that.
  7. You were so right about SC1. It's fun. been grinding it with Yoshimitsu. sucks it doesn't have online but everything else is really fun.
    And yes, every time i watch Max plays he's having a blast and now i see why
  8. I'm sure you already know how good the game is if you've seen Max's streams. I guarantee you'll enjoy it Wagner. It's a classic XD
  9. It looks like it's available on the 360 via XBLA. time to dust it off. you've convinced me sir.
  10. SC1 is one of my favorites. Still holds well even today. Very much recommend it :)
  11. Ahh i see, haven't played much of Soul Calibur. except SC2
    and yeah man, love the 'Knot.
  12. Thanks man. It's Nightmare's 2P portrait from Soul Calibur 1. So I see you're a fellow Slipknot listener. That takes me back.
  13. What's your avatar man? it looks pretty cool, i dig it
  14. Stage Storm? Bring it on!!!!!
  15. Ready for things to get a bit insane? just a little bit :p
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