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  1. I believe its the same guy I just banned last night. Probably made another account. I'll ask Dizzy if we can ban the person's IP if this happens again.
  2. I've been trying to keep up but damn, there's only so much i could have done. damn spammers
  3. Deed is done :)
  4. Please do something about this guy https://mugenarchive.com/forums/memb...186-1463106610
    he doesn't want to listen.
  5. Was there a limit? Didn't know tbh. Maybe it's because the file size is small enough I guess :o
  6. I did a double take, not gonna lie :P how did you make it so big? i thought there was a limit of 500x150.
    Might be an Admit thing i'm guessing :p
  7. I was really hoping you would mistake it with an ad haha :P Thanks though. Photoshop does wonders :)
  8. Nice Metallica Signature you have here :P It's making me wan t to switch to my Slipknot one :p
  9. Thanks man. I'll try my best to earn this title :D
  10. I hope not XD and congrats on the promotion,bud. Well deserved :)
  11. Ah c'mon I liked that picture! I even made a print and put on my bathroom wall for the guest lol. Don't worry it'll come back...someday :P
  12. Good to see the return of Skullo instead of..whatever that scary thing was XD
  13. Glad you like it
  14. I'm terrified XD
  15. Thanks man. Just a little groggy and uncomfortable for the past couple of days and a little low on energy. I broke my dominant arm so I cant really do much :/
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