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  1. So apparently uploading fangames is something that's allowed now? What are the rules?
  2. Before you take out that Sakura theme I uploaded here's the video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NPgCfmvWCkY
    Hopefully it's not too late.
  3. Ok I will. Besides I think all of his characters are here now.
  4. I found several dupes from your kor uploads since the author went by another name, sumin2393. Be more thorough next time.
  5. Thanks for telling me. I will ask them about it later though. However since one of them is new I will post about them in the news section.
  6. You don't. Unless you request one of the admins to make an exception in your upload concerning the size otherwise the 100mb rule is enforced. That includes us mods as well. Alternatively, You can post the characters in the news section if they're too big.
  7. I have a question and that is when can I upload characters over 100MB? I have a few characters I want to upload here but can't due to them going over the 100MB limit.
  8. Ok i will if i really can`t figure it out
  9. If your having trouble finding out where to put them, I suggest using Fighter Factory to look at the sprites. You can get it here https://mugenarchive.com/forums/down...alltek-systems
  10. It was a zip. It had nothing in it. 0
  11. Cant open? what type of file is it?
  12. okay i will. i have one last thing to upload tho. EDIT: Never mind it can`t open
  13. Do some research into each file so you know where to put them or else it'll take up alot of our time.
  14. Oh okay thanks for explaining
  15. Only Admins have that reservation whether to post packs but only if they're small.
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