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  1. Doesn't sound very flattering tbh lol
    I'm working on something of my own, look forward to it :3
  2. There should be a title for you "Addon Converter"
  3. hehe thanks~
    I'm out of the groove rn when it comes to lifebar conversions lol but I will keep that in mind!
  4. you've got a lot of work on yo hands with them lifebars if you're thinking about converting them. (plz do lol)
    Awesome finds btw
  5. Alrighty. Thanks man.
  6. You right. I'll move them.
  7. No worries. I think some of your newer uploads could be moved to KOFM because of the portraits but I'm not exactly familiar with that fullgame.

    Mind checking them for me?
  8. Didn't..realized all of those were the same file..
    So sorry for the damn inconvenience. I thought they were the normal versions of them. I searched them and didnt bother looking at the KOFM version. That's on me.
  9. Ay. Happy Easter to you too buddy.
  10. Happy Easter, my friend :)
  11. I try not to think much of my rep level, but it is nice to join the "club"
    Thanks my friend
  12. Ayy congrats on the star my man :)
  13. During the day, i don't really do much since i work at night and my fiancé is at work so i don't mind doing some scouting, there is one that i really want though. i was about to upload it when i saw it here. it's exactly what i was looking for. But yes i will continue to look for them lifebars. i will send it to you via PM.
  14. If it doesn't have a description, it's likely that it's for Winmugen, at least that's how it feels IMO.
    Even then, it's a no-brainer if you pay attention to the coding, in the combo counter section (if it has separate entries for team1 and team2, it's for 1.0/1.1. Otherwise it's Winmugen)

    That would be great, but don't waste too much time on it. I'd much rather you spend the time to find new Winmugen lifebars to convert, that aren't here yet.
  15. If you want, i could scout them out for you. see what's Winmugen and what's not.
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