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  • Margaret, Aigis, Junpei Iori, Yukari Takeba, Ultimax Teddie (P4U2) by SOA, Released

    SOA (SonOfAura) released new characters from P4U2 (Persona 4 Arena Ultimax 2.0) :
    Margaret, Aigis, Junpei Iori, Yukari Takeba, Ultimax Teddie and Tohru Adachi (ALPHA)

    For MUGEN 1.1 (the 4GB patch may be required)

    Preview :

    Download :

    For more Persona 4 Arena characters :
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Margaret, Aigis, Junpei Iori, Yukari Takeba, Ultimax Teddie (P4U2) by SOA, Released started by Dizzy View original post
    Comments 110 Comments
    1. retro66's Avatar
      retro66 -
      i am excite
    1. FelipeMv23's Avatar
      FelipeMv23 -
      se ven bien, me gustan
    1. DaddyKuma's Avatar
      DaddyKuma -
      Sounds great
    1. amigoverde's Avatar
      amigoverde -
      Excellent graphics
    1. Shiro96's Avatar
      Shiro96 -
      looks great, can't wait to try them out
    1. Box_LordZ's Avatar
      Box_LordZ -
      what do yo men by 4gb patch
    1. Akumi Takizu's Avatar
      Akumi Takizu -
      Wow this looks cool nice!!
    1. Swineith's Avatar
      Swineith -
      Nice, teddie was fun to play
    1. IAmMr789Guy's Avatar
      IAmMr789Guy -
      I want to see somebody convert these characters to 1.0.
    1. Douglas1083's Avatar
      Douglas1083 -
    1. alukard100's Avatar
      alukard100 -
      Uhhh I'm loving these so much, good job, amazing <3
    1. GDADelfino's Avatar
      GDADelfino -
      :D Awesome! I loved Arena Ultimax a lot, but the PS3 I played on no longer works. Thanks a lot!
    1. sascha27283's Avatar
      sascha27283 -
      looks very neat! great job man, gonna try it out
    1. itsjokerFB's Avatar
      itsjokerFB -
      Desde que jugué al ultimax me encanto colocar estos chars a mi mugen
    1. daredevildare3's Avatar
      daredevildare3 -
      wow awesome
    1. AtomicSabbath's Avatar
      AtomicSabbath -
      Absolutely gorgeous
    1. LonelyToaster's Avatar
      LonelyToaster -
      cant wait!
    1. Megashot12's Avatar
      Megashot12 -
      Really cool
    1. Robo798814's Avatar
      Robo798814 -
      Amazing character designs.
    1. Ghelvex99's Avatar
      Ghelvex99 -
      Great creation part of this authors i like this class of projects thanks you contribution from the big community.